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Bad Movie Tuesday: What’s Your Number?

January 24, 2012

I’ve been trying to write a review for this film for over a week. I try to discuss the positive aspects of bad movies but I can’t find any positives for this film. I’ve tackled it from many angles.

1. What’s Your Number can be told in four pictures:

2. I tried to make it more plausible as a disease film (Outbreak, Contagion)

3. Movies about exes do not have to be bad (Scott Pilgrim, High Fidelity).

4. I compared it to a boat sinking and Faris doing her best to keep it afloat.

5. I thought father’s should show their daughters this movie as a “what not to do” lesson.

6. Aliens find this film and deduce “that we are dumb and easy to kill.”

7. Somewhere along the way I made references to playing football with a 30 pound rock and I figured Chris Evans has slept with 3,400 women.

Each of these ideas were deleted and I started from scratch. I wasn’t able to break down the plot in a positive way.

Here is the plot. A 30ish young alcoholic woman tries to rekindle love affairs with her exes. Why is she doing this? Because she read an article in Marie Claire that declares “if you have slept with 20 men you are doomed to be single forever.”

What follows is Faris lying a lot.

The most amazing thing is SPOILER ALERT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The movie progresses. Faris and Evans fall in love and the movie ends with a bombshell. You get to hear a voice message left by Aziz Ansari on Anna Faris’s answering machine. Instead of her being shocked Anna is elated to learn that she hasn’t slept with 20 men. Here it goes:

“We never had sex. You were wasted, gave me a rough hand job, puked in my suitcase and fell asleep in my shower.”

The two laugh heartily….The end……

Don’t watch this movie. Watch High Fidelity or Scott Pilgrim.

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  1. johnleavengood permalink
    January 24, 2012 9:58 am

    So I saw this and I agree that it’s sad that Anna Faris’ character is so pathetic. But as I watched, I wasn’t overcome with this trait but rather was able to really enjoy the movie. I’ll go so far as to say, see this instead of High Fidelity or Scott Pilgrim (both of which I found watchable, but not great). Just shows how bipolar opinions on movies can be.

    Oh, and loved your analogies, Mark. Totally feeling that aliens who see this would think we were easy marks. Hey, you’re a Mark.


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