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February 18, 2012

Roland Emmerich (2012, Day After Tomorrow, 10,000 BC) is a maestro of mayhem and a demigod of digital destruction. His films pack the BOOM but deliver the dumb. At times it seems like Emmerich ignores all the facts and goes straight for the grandeur.

After destroying the world multiple times Roland has decided to shake the foundations of William Shakespeare’s plays. I didn’t see this film in theaters but I read John’s review and I gathered that this was a toned down Emmerich.

Anonymous is not a toned down Emmerich. This film is loud, dumb and loaded with puffy shirts. Emmerich has created a digital London populated with every available British actor. These actors speak loudly and strut through a non linear story involving conspiracies, sex and hair gel.

The movie centers around Rhys Ifans as the true playwright. However, he can’t publish his stories due to his high stature in the British kingdom. He pays a young playwright to be the faux author. However, faster than you can say “Hamlet” an actor named William Shakespeare takes all the glory.

What follows is more plot, conspiracies and loud noises.  It is admirable that the film tackles the issue of the true writer. If professors and literate types cannot figure out the truth then I didn’t see any reason why this film could. However, the movie gets muddled amidst CGI and facial hair and becomes just another Roland Emmerich destruction film.

If you like loud noises, puffy costumes and a CGI London you will dig this film.

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