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October 13, 2012


Sometimes you need some Shakespeare. Sometimes you need a contemporary take on Shakespeare’s works. Sometimes you need to see Ralph Fienes looking like a gangster.


Coriolanus is the tale of a banished general who teams up with his enemy to beat up a whole lot of people. Along the way there are double crosses, big speeches and me forever equating Brian Cox with Super Troopers. What I love about Shakespeare is how the language flows and how well it holds up.  It takes a few minutes to get into the flow but once it does you understand why every actor wants to land a role in a Shakespeare movie/play/remake/revisioning. The writing allow actors to flex their thespian chops and most likely get nominated for an Oscar like Vanessa Redgrave did in this film.

Ralph Fiennes has picked a rare gem to make his directorial debut. Not only was the script written but it gave him a wonderful role to sink his teeth into. Dolph Lundgren directs film so he can make out with buxom babes and play the drums. Fiennes directed this movie so he could look cool and spout fantastic lines.


Fiennes: “So over here I will be making a bombastic speech whilst I shoot people with my AK-47.”

The film is at 94% on Rotten  Tomatoes and is playing on Netflix so watch it if you are a fan of thespians acting, Ralph Fiennes not being Voldemort and Shakespeare’s redemption after the bombastically dumb film Anonymous.

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