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Movies, Films and Flix: Best Supporting Actress

February 23, 2012

Hello all. Mark here.

People can analyze this list all they want but it is unnecessary. Octavia Spencer is going to walk away with the Academy award. People loved her in The Help and she has proved to be a humble/friendly/personable presence amongst the veteran Hollywood folk.

Here are the Vegas betting odds:

Octavia Spencer – 1/33

Berenice Bejo – 10/1

Jessica Chastain – 20/1

Melissa McCarthy – 40/1

Janet McTeer –  40/1

It would be amazing if Melissa or Jessica won but there is no way that will happen. I’m pretty certain Jessica Chastain will win an Oscar eventually and Bridesmaids is the number one movie in On Demand history so I don’t feel too bad for Melissa. Many people love McCarthy’s character so that is award enough.

Kudos to Octavia Spencer!

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