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Movies, Films & Flix Oscar Talk: Best Supporting Actor

February 22, 2012

Hello all. Mark here.

It is time for another unscientific look at who will win the bald gold man statue.

This is a two man race. Christopher Plummer and Max Von Sydow are vying for the title. The favorite is Plummer but word on the street says that Max is gaining momentum. Basically, if you watch football Plummer is the New England Patriots and Max is the New York Giants. Plummer has won all of the awards but Von Sydow is peaking at the right time. Who will win the Oscar Bowl?

I have no problem with either man winning but it is a shame that Nick Nolte (Warrior)  is not being considered for his beautiful portrayal of a man trying to redeem himself. Nolte actually takes more punishment that his fighting sons. His role covers the spectrum of emotions and leads to the best scene of the year. Watch Warrior and you will know what I’m talking about.

Here are the Vegas odds

Christopher Plummer – 1/33

Max Von Sydow – 20/1

Kenneth Branagh – 12/1

Nick Nolte – 33/1

Jonah Hill – 40/1

Momentum is a strange thing. Critics are split on Incredibly Loud and Extremely Close however they all agree Von Sydow is great. At the Oscar luncheon last week Max was only person to get a standing ovation. I wouldn’t look into this too much because Plummer wasn’t at the luncheon and Von Sydow famously played chess with the devil.

I’m happy that Jonah Hill got nominated for his understated work in Moneyball. Some people argue that he took Patton Oswalt’s (Young Adult) spot. However, I enjoyed Hill the most. Oswalt knocked his role out of the park but I liked Hill’s mixture of intelligence and naivity.

Kenneth Branagh is a welcome addition any year. He won’t win the award but he does class it up a bit.

Who will win: Christopher Plummer

Who Should win: Nick Nolte

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