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Weekend Preview 03/16/2012

March 16, 2012

Hello all. Mark here.

There is a plethora of eclectic movies hitting the theaters this weekend. The flicks range from Nic Cage kicking butt while moustached or Adrian Brody slacking as a substitute teacher.

The following post contains one sentence summaries for the films entering the cinemas this weekend.  With these few words I’ve hopefully captured the essence of these cinematic treats and raised your awareness of the film world.


Casa de mi Padre

I’ve never laughed harder during a preview.


21 Jump Street 

I predicted Channing Tatum would be a comedic force after watching The Eagle.


Jeff Who Lives at Home

Slackers mutter sweeping dialogue while alternative music plays in the background.


Seeking Justice

The sad/inevitable exploitation of Nicolas Cage continues.



At least it isn’t a sequel to Predators.

The FP

I think this movie should have been a preview instead of a funny idea stretched to 90 minutes.


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