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April Anticipation: Cabin in the Woods

April 9, 2012



Cabin in the Woods (April 13) has been sitting on the MGM shelf for three years. This delay might have helped the film. Chris Hemsworth is a star and Joss Whedon is on The Avengers Express headed straight towards Money Land.

I know nothing about this film. I watched the trailer a while back and decided to turn it off due to spoilers. The buzz surrounding this film is incredibly positive (95% Rotten Tomatoes) and the word on the street is that is spins the horror genre upside down. The R rating is proof that the movie won’t back and intends to deliver the thrills. I don’t want to spoil it by reading a review or watching a three-minute trailer.

There is nothing better in the cinema world than watching a great film you know nothing about. I watched movies like Bubba Ho-Tep, Elephant, Take Shelter, Murderball and District 9 without any spoilers or pesky previews. What followed were fresh experiences that were not spoiled by too much information.

I do love these posters that were released. They give away nothing and show this movie won’t stick to the horror blueprint. Also, check out the original release dates.

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