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The Swell Season

April 19, 2012

If you are a fan of The Swell Season and Once you will dig this documentary. The Swell Season focuses on the dissolving relationship between Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova. The two met in 2005 during the filming of the film Once. The movie was a hit and the song Falling Slowly won an Oscar for best original song.

The music is beautiful and the break up bittersweet. You love seeing these two together but you understand why they broke up. Glen Hansard is 42 and Marketa Irglova is 24. Glen is a veteran of the road and Marketa is the quiet musician coming into her own.

The break up is inevitable but not sad. As people grow up they grow apart. The two were united by their amazing skill and love of music. However, Marketa was young when they met in 2006. It was easy to adopt Glen’s worldview until she started to develop her own. Nobody is wrong or right in this doc. There is no one directly responsible for the break up. They just grew apart. However, music still keeps them together.

The musical performances in this documentary are thrilling and will make you want to buy another copy of the Swell Season and Frames albums. I’ve heard the songs many times but seeing Glen and Marketa perform them is beautiful and timeless.

My favorite part of this documentary is when Glen deals with his mother and father. The scene where Glen talks about his dad’s final days helps explain his personality, love of alcohol and moody demeanor.

This black and white documentary is a must see for Swell Season fans.

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