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Trailer Talk: Upcoming releases

May 10, 2012

Hello all. Mark here.

Here are four of the biggest trailers released this week. The movies are  sequels, reboots and ?prequels? Read, comment, dig the Prometheus.

The Amazing Spider Man

The movie looks like a rainbow sneezed out a CGI fest of superhero mayhem. The trailer gives away way too much in an attempt to promote all the eye-popping visual effects. Also, Andrew Garfield seems to a new kind of Spider Man. I will call his acting “sassy.”

The Expendable 2

“You now have the right to be man and knife”….My reaction to Stathams line was “oh geesh.” However, I miss the dumb lines that the muscled heroes of the 90s would mutter. I love The Expendables because it is a return to a simple time. A time when heroes killed thousands and villians were unnecessarily evil.

This movie is looking to break Sherlock Holmes 2 explosion record. Will it be R or PG-13? Will Dolph Lundgren get a rematch against Jet Li? Will we have to endure another JCVD shirtless airborne split?

I can’t wait to have all of these answers.


I do not want to see any more trailers for Prometheus. However, I am promoting new previews for this film. It looks like a blast of creative genius by a reinvigorated director. Everything about this film reeks of cool. This movie is  going to make several unlucky nerds head explode. Audiences won’t mind because they will think it is part of the 4D experience.

The Dark Knight Rises

I loved The Dark Knight because anytime the Joker was around you knew a fist fight would break out. The Joker was a pit bull capable of extreme blue-collar violence. Now, bridges and football fields are blowing up and Batman has a flying ship. I loved how grounded the two prior films were. The Dark Knight Rises seems to be upping the ante to outrageous lengths.

My girlfriend thinks I am being a hater. My lowered expectations might make my experience more enjoyable. I hope this film stays grounded in its fist fight roots.

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