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May Madness: Battleship

May 9, 2012

Battleship (may18) has my attention. Directed by Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights, The kingdom, The Rundown) The movie has already made $200 million worldwide and has all the making of a beautifully dumb popcorn film. I love how they opened the film overseas first. The buzz for Battleship was nonexistent and the Rotten Tomatoes rating is a mediocre 48%. However, now the marketing team has a worldwide hit that has already made its budget back.

This movie has raised some serious questions though.

Can Taylor Kitsch recover from the John Carter hate train? I dug John Carter and felt like critics and audiences dogpiled it before it hit the theaters. Battleship has little buzz and John Carter was universally hated on. So, Battleship could be a sleeper hit unhindered by critical and fan boy displeasure. Berg and Kitsch don’t seem too worried.

2. Rihanna and Brooklyn Decker? They look skeptical.

Will the aliens succumb to the best looking cast of the summer? It seems like pretty people are alien kryptonite. Take for instance, Cowboys and Aliens, Transformers and The Darkest Hour.

This is a guess not a spoiler. How many minutes will it take for Liam Neeson to blow up via alien missile? 23, 27 or 46?

Will there be a reference to A11, B6 or F12? When the Alien’s sink a ship will somebody say “you sunk my battleship?”

Watch Battleship. Eat popcorn. Marvel at an imminent alien defeat at the hands of good-looking thespians.

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