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Bad Movie Tuesday: Good Reviews for Bad Movies

June 5, 2012

Have you ever seen these reviews before?

Lots of Action

Lots of Explosions

The Car Chases are fast

Whenever a bad movie is released there are always the random good reviews that you see on the DVD or poster. If you are a beginning movie blogger and want to make a name for yourself I highly recommend that you begin writing good blurbs for bad movies.

I was going to do a mid year bad movie awards BMT but I’ve decided I need to practice the good review for the bad movie. You might be seeing my blog soon on the cover of Season of the Witch 2!

1. One for the Money

1. John Leguizamo is in it

2. It reminded of Two for the Money.

2. Wrath of the Titans

1. Lots of CGI and loud noises

2. Liam Neesons beard is wonderful

3. You will only get a minor headache from the 3D.

3. Seeking Justice

1. This movie prevented me from going into bankruptcy.

2. Nic Cage succeeds in Seeking and finding justice.

4.  Mirror Mirror

1. Snow Whites eyebrows are amazing.

2. They cast dwarves to play the dwarves.

5. This Means War

1. Tiniest cast ever

2. Everything is very shiny

3. Features only one nut shot!

Big Miracle

1. They save a whale.

2. The actors look realistically cold.

Underworld: Awakening

1. There is a really big werewolf who throws people into walls.

2. The squishy sounds are phenomenal..You feel the squish.

3. The CGI creation of Scott Speedman almost looks like Scott Speedman.


1. Mark Wahlberg scratches his back whilst holding a gun.

The Raven

1. John Cusack tries really hard and sports wonderful facial hair.

2. Alice Eve is pleasant.

3. They don’t go crazy on the birds like they do in Snow White and the Huntsman.

Ghost Rider 2

1. It isn’t Seeking Justice.

2. Idris Elba is in it.

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