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Snow White and the Huntsman

June 9, 2012

John wrote a review for this film…check it out

Snow White and the Huntsman is an enjoyable romp that excels in creating wonderful sets, shots and creations.

However, the characters are given little development and personality. First time feature director Rupert Sanders shows a lot of visual promise but will need to give his characters more personality amidst the unique CGI, vistas and hair styles.

Kirsten Stewart does a fine job as Snow White. However, the role asks for her to look at stuff, be amazed and rock a sweet warrior pony tail.

Hemsworth is a drunk huntsman who finds her, saves her and smooches her. Hemsworth’s physicality works well in the role but he isn’t given much to do. The blandness is not a fault of the actor. The script makes him a drunk widower who eventually becomes a less drunk widower.

Snow White, the huntsman and a young duke battle the vicious Charlize Theron and her blond brother. Theron married Snow White’s father then killed him on the wedding night. The kingdom goes to ruins and the majority of the fair maidens get their souls sucked out. Eventually, the soul sucking queen learns Snow White will be the fairest and naturally decides to eat her heart.

White escapes into the dark forest, meets some murderous dwarves and bonds with the huntsman. They attack the big castle and many things look beautiful. Sanders handles the action well but he edits the fights so quickly you are never quite sure what is going on. He should have followed the Thor handbook and allowed Hemsworth to show off his action chops with longer shots and better fights.

You are never absorbed into the story but you enjoy the majority of the stuff you look at. This film also teaches a very important lesson. If you are a king/queen and you defeat an army of glass soldiers then find a beautiful imprisoned  woman/man do not marry them the next day. Because, if you do you will be stabbed in the heart by a large knife.

The promo photos for this film were very entertaining. In hindsight they guaranteed a visual delight and forecasted what was to come. Stewart is always looking at stuff with lovely hair, Hemsworth poses well with axes and Theron is a believable ice queen.

1. Kristen Stewart never looks at the camera. I’d wager it is to show off her fantastic hair.

2. Hemsworth must hate axes now. He mastered the saucy axe look.

3. Theron loves crows and knives.

Watch Snow White. Dig the look. Count the crows. Enjoy the hair.

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