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June 15, 2012

Two hours of beautiful depression. A collection of moving art featuring depressed rich white people. Directed by one of the most polarizing directors today. A director who requires his own poster and promo photos when he makes a movie.

If you are a fan of film then you should be familiar with Lars Von Trier. He is a mad genius who polarizes the movie going populace. His movies look great but they are rarely positive and often controversial. His movies range from experimental (Dogville) to insane (Antichrist).

Regardless, he still manages to make beautiful looking films that focus on depression, depravity and more depression. This is the first time that one of his films have pushed into the mainstream. This still isn’t his Drive but he is closer to the outskirts of the mainstream. If he learns to curb his insanity and depression he could make a brilliant looking film that might make some money.

The depression in this movie is understandable. The movie focuses on a planet named Melancholia that is two weeks away from hitting the earth.  The movie starts at a wedding and ends on a golf course. In this time marriages end, suicide happens and the world is destroyed.

All of this depression looks beautiful. Von Trier creates a visually rich stark world. The shot selection is picturesque and the acting wonderful. Also, Von Trier uses the Phantom camera in creative and practical ways. The super slow motion shots are works of art.

Kirsten Dunst is also really good at playing a character that is more of an emotion than an actual person. The actors in this film play off the various stages of grief that occur when a huge planet is about to obliterate the planet.

This movie is like hiking to the top of a mountain. The journey is a monster but the view is great. You won’t enjoy many moments of the trip but the hike makes you stronger and you can tell pretentious stories while at parties.

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  1. July 13, 2012 4:23 pm

    Really great post an use of images, I really need to watch Melancholia now after reading your amazing post.


  1. Antichrist (2009), brutal sexuality meets visual splendor in this provocative, disturbing film | Movies, Films & Flix

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