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American: The Bill Hicks Story

June 16, 2012

American: The Bill Hicks Story is a marvel of archival footage and interesting narrative. The film chronicles the life and death of Comedian Bill Hicks and his years in the American comedy scene.

Hicks career was full of alcohol, drugs. anger, laughs, music and psychedelic mushrooms. His career took off in an age before YouTube, CDs and Internet message boards. His anti-war and angry stage presence made him a savior amongst comedians and critics but he never caught on with the American populace. His style of comedy was never popular but it was groundbreaking. He allowed fellow comedians to follow in his trail blazing failures.

The documentary does an interesting thing with the narrative and visuals. Instead of various talking heads it employs pictures of Hicks to be used in interesting ways. What follows is an innovative way to tell a story. If you are a fan of stand up comedy you should know about Bill Hicks. His presence and material are apparent in Bill Maher, Lewis Black and multitudes of other comedians.

Watch this documentary if you are a fan of visually interesting film making. The story of Bill Hicks is an innovative doc that tells a wonderful story of a man who was appreciated too late.

Watch the wonderful Senna as well. They are both solid docs on Netflix.

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