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Project X

June 25, 2012

I can totally understand the 25% rating Project X received on Rotten Tomatoes. However, I didn’t expect a plethora of older movie critics to appreciate a movie about the mother of all high school parties.

Peter Travers of Rolling Stone sums this movie up perfectly when he says:

Project X is an unholy mess that reaches down to the age-irrelevant drive in all of us to just get sh**faced and run amok, in this case with the help of booze, pot, Ecstasy, a bevy of hot bitches, a crotch-punching  midget and a flamethrower. Project X is a sh**faced Paranormal Activity.”

It is a hotbed of degradation and terrible choices. However, it never claimed to be something it wasn’t. This is a movie that will live on in high schools and colleges for years to come. Project X also features some of Todd Phillips trademark mean-spirited humor and is better than the abysmal Hangover TwoX  also features the most obnoxious character in teen movie history. Oliver Cooper plays a punk named Costa who due to his own selfish needs destroys his friend’s house, incites a riot and wears a ridiculous sweater vest.

The movie revolves around three kinda cool kids who throw a monster party that becomes a living organism hell-bent on insanity.  The movie is stuff of pure nerd fantasy. Limbs are broken, trees are lit on fire and three kids become legends.

Alexis Knapp Project X

I don’t need to write too much about this film. It is all empty calories and good-looking women. Everything is objectified, there are no realistic repercussions and the music is solid. Project X will be a terrible influence for easily influenced teenagers.  Don’t expect anything from this movie other than a bunch of loud noises. However, the trailer told you that already.

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