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Mirror Mirror

July 4, 2012

Mirror Mirror is a cheeeky film that employs zany humor and a hasty yet unique look to provide a breezy 90 minutes. The movie is perfect when you’ve worked a 60 hour week and it is 106 degrees outside. My girlfriend and I watched this as a way to unwind and not be challenged.

Here is an example of the cheeky dialogue:

Brighton:  Snow White is dead. One of God’s great mysteries is his plan for each and every one of us…

Queen: Speed it up.

Brighton: Snow White lived, she died, God rest her soul, Amen. There will be a buffet lunch served at two.

Here is another random moment.

Snow White: I’m leaving the castle.

Guard #1: Is she allowed to leave the castle?

Guard #2: I don’t know.

Guard #1: I won’t tell if you don’t.

Guard #2: Pinky swear?

Lily Collins is a cute little bugger who handles the role well. Like Kristen Stewart in Snow White and the Huntsman she isn’t given much to do. She smiles, looks confused and has insane eyebrows.

The movie was directed Tarsem Singh who is known for his visuals and head-scratching dialogue (Immortals). He is a hands on director who creates beautiful films that nobody watches (The Fall, The Cell). I wish he would have been given several more months to develop a look that makes Snow White distinctive. you can see touches of his famous vision but they don’t gell like his prior films. Instead of creating a new spin he adds another chapter to the Snow White saga.

This chapter involves Julia Roberts acting saucy, Lily Collins facial expressions and Armie Hammer having fun. Together they go through all the Snow White clichés and ends with Sean Bean in a loud yellow outfit.

The best thing Tarsem does with the film is developing the seven dwarves. I loved the seven dwarves. The men have personalities that shine amidst the visuals. You can single out nice moments for each actor and you cheer for them. I love that Mirror Mirror didn’t cast seven British actors then shrink them via CGI like Hunstman did. They are a delight to see on-screen and you will recognize a lot of them from prior work.

The film is light fluff. Never challenging, sometimes engaging and often catches you off guard with a cheeky little joke.

Watch Mirror Mirror. Forget that you watched Mirror Mirror….Then a few hours later remember that you kinda liked Mirror Mirror.

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