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Bad Movie Tuesday: Seeking Justice

July 3, 2012

Seeking Justice starts with an interesting question. How far would a man go to get the person who hurt his wife? Would he allow somebody to kill the person if he had to break the law in the future? Seeking Justice could have been an interesting potboiler about a young man who protects his wife but can’t stomach the repercussions. His hesitation puts him on the wrong end of a dangerous group of people who are everywhere and nowhere.

However, the producers cast Nic Cage as an incredibly bored husband who protects a bored January Jones while an excellent Guy Pearce hunts them down. The plot gets so convoluted that you give up trying to follow and learn to appreciate the boredom. The only saving grace is when Nic Cage has to do a stunt because you get to see a stunt double with a bad wig.

I’ve started a bad Nic Cage movie tradition. The bored acting pic while doing something intense. This trademark boredom can be seen in Next, Season of the Witch and Frozen Ground. It continues in Seeking Justice.

Bored jogging

Bored Mardi Gras

straddling a guy while bored

Bored while getting framed for murder

The movie has so many plot twists that you lose track of what is going on? I have no clue about what happened during the last half of the film. Something about dirty cops, journalists and January Jones playing a cello.

The biggest problem I have with the film is that Guy Pearce is given nothing to do. Guy Pearce can act his face off. He was awesome in Lockout, villainous in The Count of Monte Cristo and old in Prometheus. He could have carried the movie on his shoulders and maybe given Nic Cage an excuse to wake up. Instead, he falls into the background while Nic Cage goes on a quest to clear his name.

Don’t watch Seeking Justice. Nic Cage is bored. The plot is incomprehensible. It is perfect Bad Movie Tuesday material.

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