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Trailer Talk: Here Comes the Boom (2012)

July 7, 2012


CLICK HERE to see the trailer.

Release Date:    October 12, 2012

Cast:  Kevin James (Zookeeper, The Dilemma), Salma Hayek (Puss in Boots), Henry Winkler (Royal Pains, The Waterboy), Bas Rutten

Looks like fun.  We have Kevin James relying on situational comedy over his normal male hysteria, a strong-hearted underdog saves the day story, and mixed martial arts.  It’s not gonna’ be hard to fill theaters with these goods.

Kevin James plays a high school teacher at a school whose harsh budget cuts threaten the discontinuation of all extra-curricular activities.  Opposing these unfair cuts, James steps up to find a way to make the $48,000 necessary to save them.  When he learned how much MMA fighters get paid even when they lose a match ($10,000) he feels he has found his solution.  We’ll get to watch an overweight 42-year old biology teacher learn the pains of training, stumbling through the “lower levels” of MMA matches, and find himself through this bloody-knuckled good deed.  Hmmmm, sounds suspiciously like Warrior (2011) without as much drama and a huskier star.

Kevin James pulls a “Warrior” and dislocates his shoulder.  Salma Hayek’s got this.

With Henry Winkler as his trainer and Salma Hayek playing his fellow teacher, supporter and love interest, we have plenty of opportunities for good laughs outside of watching James getting his ass kicked.  There’s also real-life MMA star Bas Rutten, who worked with James and director Frank Coraci on Paul Blart: Mall Cop and Zookeeper, and even appeared a couple of times on The King of Queens.  I’m guessing they had at least some part in dreaming up this story together.

I wonder if he’ll be able to shock us with his physical performance.  Putting on a good game face during a tough fight or training session may set him up for more dramatic roles in the future.

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