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Think Like a Man

September 2, 2012


Think Like a Man is based on Steve Harvey’s best-selling book. It revolves around six guys who are going through some form of relationship trouble. The player, the momma’s boy, the dreamer, the non-committal, The happily married man, the happier divorced guy. What follows is five of these men mature and one of them stays happily married.

The movie is stuff of stock/glossy romantic comedy lore. Everything is resolved too easily and the characters barely break out of their gimics of dreamer, momma’s boy etc… It is evident that the same people who wrote the homogenized yet dirty Friends With Benefits worked on this script. It all feels too neat and the best moments come from the likable actors and Kevin Hart’s improvisation. Kevin Hart is a tiny force of comedic nature. His conversation with his estranged wife at the end is the highlight of the film. The words that comes out of his mouth are stuff of improvisation glory. Like when he says “I was gonna punch you in the head..then maybe add a headbutt.”


Tim Story does a better job of adapting this book than he did with The Fantastic Four films.  Another nice thing is that Think Like a Man allows several actors to break out of the roles they’ve been pigeonholed in. Regina Hall steps out of her Scary Movie craziness and is believable as a single mom looking for a man. However, whenever I see Taraji P. Henson and Jerry Ferrara all I can think is Entourage and Hustle & Flow. My girlfriend marveled at how skinny Turtle has gotten since his days with Vince and the boys.


Richard Corliss of Time Magazine sums this film up perfectly when he wrote:

“There’s nothing profound going on here; the truisms don’t blossom into life-enriching truths. It’s more like the person you meet at a bar who, on second glance, is surprisingly attractive. Call Think Like a Man a perfectly satisfactory one-night stand at the movies.

Think Like a Man is a glossy, forgettable and nice film that is better than the majority of the other forgettable and glossy romantic comedies.

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