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September 7, 2012


Bachelorette is a strange little film. It is going to draw blind comparisons to Bridesmaids and The Hangover. However, the similarities are superficial at best. In Hangover the men were drugged and had to retrace their steps. Bridesmaids featured a down on her luck  yet extremely talented woman navigating her best friends wedding. Bachelorette  is three likable leads acting selfishly while looking to replace a ripped dress while drinking like Nicolas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas and snorting more cocaine than Scarface.


There are several laughs to be had because the cast is too talented to be held down by the thin script. Watching Isla Fisher fall face first in a pool then immediately say “the water is beautiful” was fantastic. Fisher’s character is the female version of Chev Chelios from Crank. Nothing can keep her down and she should be called hurricane vodka. Her scenes with the guy with the hair up front from Shes Out of My League are highlights of nice meets force of drunken nature.

All of the cast members obviously relished playing miserable people. However, I think they had such a good time being bad they forgot they had to be a good. So, the writer created comically terrible people for 80 minutes then made them kind in the final five minutes. She derailed all the angry momentum and took us to romantic comedy town. This U-turn doesn’t work because the retribution (of sorts) hasn’t been earned because it has been shoehorned in.

There is one decent person in this film. He is the groom who sees through the deplorable characters and is the sole voice of reason. You like the guy because he is a beacon of decency among the selfish skinny people. Actually, the best moments of this film happen when the three women and acting alongside humans who have a soul. The contrast creates the most memorable moments.


Bachelorette was released on VOD and Itunes before hitting the theaters and shot up to the number one spot on Itunes immeditely. It was a big step for independent releases that cannot land on 3,000 movie screens. It proves that bad behavior can pay off when you have the right cast and there are not many reviews saying that cast was somewhat underused in the skinny wasteland.

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