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Premium Rush

September 8, 2012


Here is a conversation fellow MMF Co-writers had about the film Possession that lead to Premium Rush.

Leavengood: Possession is the Diet Coke of exorcism movies

Mark: I’m still waiting for the Coke Zero of exorcism movies

O’Lasavath: Premium Rush would be the Mountain Dew of exorcism movies if it had a possession subplot.

Mark:  The tagline says “ride like hell.”

O’Lasavath: Here’s my pitch: JGL is a mild-mannered office clerk who gets possessed by the spirit of a deceased BMX pro. Michael Shannon is the priest who gets sent in to do the exorcism, but he has to catch him first.

Mark: My mind has been blown…

There is no exorcism in the film Premium Rush. That would be too easy. What David Koepp has accomplished is much more difficult. He has made a neat little movie about bike messengers in NYC. I will admit that the MFF crew were baffled by the first trailer and we had a lovely talk involving, Nu-Metal, birthday cards and extreme paper clips.

I am glad we were wrong because Premium Rush is a lean and mean film about JGL delivering a mysterious letter while being chased by Michael Shannon.


In any situation being chased by Michael Shannon would be scary. However, it is worse in this film because he plays a corrupt cop with impulse control issues. He owes a lot of money to bad men and he beat one of them to death when they tried to collect. So, he is desperate, angry and frustrated because he has to chase around the best bicycle messenger in the city.


The movie is pure popcorn entertainment that earned the 76% rating on Rotten Tomatoes with a cohesive plot, intelligent writing and a fantastic blendof crazy stunt men and CGI. The film tells a neat self-contained story with imagination and energy. You like  JGL and his crew because they are believable adrenaline junkies who pay the bills by risking their lives in the streets of New York City.


Premium Rush is a smart film if you don’t stop to think about it. The plot holes are there but the bicyclists don’t fall into them. If you are looking for a fun, tense and breezy summer flick look no further. The people of New York City might be annoyed by the riders but I enjoyed their adrenaline fueled antics.

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