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September 24, 2012


Headhunters is a violent and twisty tale of Norweigan ultra violence. It features images so insane you laugh then feel bad about laughing. It is like a Norweigan Coen Brothers movie with more blood and hair product. The biggest problem I have writing this review is I don’t want to wreck the fantastic moments. The film was a breath of fresh air because I knew nothing about it other than Total Film and Empire gave it four stars. I also knew that they were already planning an English remake that wouldn’t do it justice. I don’t see how they could keep the insanity so enjoyable and madcap.

Headhunters is the story of an insecure yet successful headhunter who occasionally steals expensive art.  He steals art  because he is afraid that his leggy blond wife will leave him if he doesn’t supply her with diamonds and a really expensive house. His 5’6 stature causes an extreme little man syndrome and he feels threatened by the guy who plays Jamie Lannister talking to his wife so he makes the poor decision to steal from him.


What follows is a cat and mouse game with escalating consequences. Despite the blood, impaling and fecal matter the film has a wild zany side to it. It is a madcap chase film that spirals so far out of control you never know what to expect. Empire summed it up in this review:

“A slick thriller which takes place in a moral vacuum. It’s fascinating rather than exciting, but makes for chilly thrills with two strong, charismatic lead performances, a great deal of style and amusingly repulsive, ruthless twists.”

I love that lead actor Aksel Hennie plays up his 5’6 stature. You would never see Tom Cruise or similar American celebrities playing someone their size. Aksel is a confident persona that finds ways to be unlikable and redeeming. He plays off all the emotions perfectly as he resourcefully and creatively avoids death and angry dogs.


Headhunters is a wonderful addition to recent foreign films such Let the Right One In, I Saw the Devil and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. It features strong storytelling and has a warmth towards the characters. The relationships have depth and the humor isn’t forced. Watch this film before the remake because I doubt it will capture the insane magic this film accomplishes.

Watch. Comment. Appreciate the Norwegian zaniness.

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