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That’s My Boy

October 18, 2012


That’s My Boy is incredibly vulgar. I remember watching Reservoir Dogs at a young age and thinking the swearing was out of my league. That’s My Boy  brings scatological jokes to an insane level of disgusting. I’ve sat through some of the grossest comedies and I’ve never thought “this goes above and beyond the farthest reaches of vulgarity.”

The story centers around Sandler’s character trying to keep himself out of jail by reuniting himself with his son and imprisoned baby mama for $50,000. When Sandler’s character was in middle school he impregnated a beautiful teacher and had to raise a child when he was a kid. This of course wrecks havoc on his son Andy Samberg who becomes an emotional mess. All of this happens on the weekend of his wedding with Leighton Meester. Jokes about incest, poop and pee fountains ensue.


The vulgarity is too easy and keeps funny lines from actually happening. For instance, without all the gross jokes we could have more moments like when Sandler calls Vanilla Ice “Vanilla bean latte.”


Also, there is a neat little exchange between Sandler and Samberg:

Sandler: I got you a snake!

Samberg: It died after it ate all your quaaludes!

Sandler: That was the first time EVER a king Cobra smiled.


The duo also have some interesting tattoos which get some chuckles.


I don’t think I’ve ever heard more disgusting things coming from people’s mouths. The film is a welcome return to attempting humor after Jack and Jill. Empire is the the best film magazine on the planet and they got it right when they wrote:

“Not nearly as terrible as burped-out Sandler disasters of recent years, there’s enough funny stuff here to remind us of his talent. Still, it’s not for everyone.”

This movie gets positive points for not being like his last films. I’ve also noticed that Sandler loves casting people from The Godfather. Al Pacino rapped about Dunkin Donuts in Jack and Jill and in That’s My Boy James Caan plays an Irish priest who beats up Samberg then gets knocked out by a Sandler bottle shot.

That’s My Boy is way too disgusting to recommend but there is cleverness amongst all the crap (literally and figuratively).

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