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10 Years

February 3, 2013

10 Years movie poster

10 Years wisely doesn’t have the melodramatic bells and whistles that normally go along with good looking people attending a reunion. The laid back script and likable cast create a neat little film that should find an audience on DVD. It constantly hits for singles as opposed to swinging for the fences. The result are moments that make the experience worthwhile. I enjoyed watching an unpretentious film that didn’t have emotional monologues or that slacker guy who is overly self important. However, because of it’s adherence to staying below the radar keeps it from being memorable like other reunion films Beautiful Girls or Gross Pointe Blank.

10 Years tells the simple story about a high school reunion and the various characters who come to it. The cast is loaded with likable good looking actors who genuinely seem to enjoy being part of this film. Together, they drink a lot, sing bad karaoke and discover hidden break dancing skills.

10 years cast

As the night progresses old feelings reemerge, tiny revelations are made and people begin to realize that they should grow up. It also features a neat song by Oscar Issac.


I’ve always been a sucker for reunion movies. I love Gross Pointe Blank and Beautiful Girls. However, I was too young to fully appreciate the intricacies of the 27-28 year old brain when I was 14. So, 10 Years is sorta my generations reunion movie. It never dives below the surface but intelligently stays away from melodrama. There is no extravagant adultery plot, broken hearts, tear soaked monologues or fist fights. Channing Tatum doesn’t chase his girlfriend to the airport and after these two get caught throwing toilet paper they say “it seemed like a good idea a couple hours ago.”

It doesn’t explore deeper territory like the fantastic reunion film Beautiful Girls. Beautiful asks “Why do we always f*ck up with the good ones?” It is about the unrealistc expectations men have and the relationships those expectations keep them from having. The movie had more time to dive into the territory and featured contemplation of waiting for a 13 year old to turn 18. The waiting never happens and cooler heads prevail. In the end the film has memorable themes and relevant questions.

You won’t ask yourself questions while watching 10 Years. However, you will enjoy the resolution of several story lines  For instance, Justin Long, Max Minghella and Lynn Collins have a touching conclusion. Also, Oscar Issac and Kate Mara form a nice duo whose chemistry and back story can connect with most people who harbored a secret high school crush.

10 years Oscar Issac Kate Mara

10 Years is a nice film that shows how much things change over ten years. The cast is likable and there are moments that stick. It is refreshing to watch a nice film about nice people who are growing up.

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