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MFF News: The Fast 6 & 7 Edition

April 19, 2013

Hello all. Mark here.

I love the Fast series. It started as a Point Break rip off and became a billion dollar fun factory. Intellectuals, gear heads and most everybody in the world appreciates the genius/ bonkers lengths the series goes to please the fans. For instance, bringing back Han, saying “bruh” a lot and magically killing zero innocent bystanders. It is a balls out insane fest full of huge crashes, long falls and scantily clad women dancing by cars. Fast and the Furious six looks to be taking it up to another level and it looks amazing.

Fast Six explodes onto screens on Memorial day and I cannot wait for many things to crash, Vin Diesel to warble and this scene.

Fast and the Furious 6 car jumping


Fast 6 is certain to make a billion dollars so it is no surprise that Fast Seven is moving full steam ahead into production. Vin Diesel announced the theatrical date would be  July 11, 2014 and James Wan (insidious, Saw, Conjuring) would be  directing . This is exciting news because I love Wan’s films and if it Aint It Cool’s spoiler report about the bad guy is correct Seven will be a wonderful way to finish the most surprisingly lucrative series ever.

Are you excited for the Fast conclusion or is it coming too quickly? Also, I dig these posters but they seem to involve way too much thinking.

Fast and the Furious 6 Paul Walker

Fast and the Furious 6 Vin Diesel

Fast and the Furious 6 The Rock

Fast and the Furious 6 Tyrese

Fast and the Furious 6 Sung Kang



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