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MFF Summer: The Movies of May

April 21, 2013

Hello all. Mark here.

Summer is coming and so are a plethora of loud noises, independent gems and a smattering of end of the world films. After some deep thought I compiled a top ten list.

1. Fast & Furious 6

2. Fast & Furious 6

3. Fast & Furious 6

4. Fast & Furious 6

5. Before Midnight

6. Fast & Furious 6

7. The World’s End

8. Fast and Furious 6

9. The Conjuring 

10. The Way, Way Back

I highly doubt there will be a better time to be had in the cinemas this summer than when Vin Diesel is warbling something whilst wearing a tank top and driving fast to get out of the way of a tank. Fast and Furious 6 has perfected “smart dumb” and knows exactly what it’s audience wants. The best part about FF6 is that it is coming out in May which is right around the corner.

May is starting summer off in spectacular fashion. It is going to offer us iron men, monologues and a Gatsby who is better than good. May is loaded with sequels such as Before Midnight, Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness, Hangover 3 and most importantly Fast and Furious 6. We also will be given another wonderful Michael Shannon performance as he ices people in the Iceman. Also, Greta Gerwig continues her indie comeback after with Francis Ha.

Here is the Lineup

May 3

Generation Um (watch trailer here)

I am an unapologetic Keanu Reeves fan. The dude has been in some fantastic films like Speed, Bill and Teds, Matrix, Replacements and POINT BREAK! I don’t know much about this film but you gotta support the Keanu while he shares a hazy world with two rambunctious women.

Random Unnecessary Fact: All three of these actors have battled demonic forces in Silent Hill, Constantine, Devil and The Devil’s Advocate. 

Generation Um


Greetings From Tim Buckley (trailer)

The story of Jeff Buckley’s son as he navigates through life and the music world. I can see the problems the kid had because watching this trailer made me want to listen to this song by Jeff. 

The Iceman (trailer)

Michael Shannon playing a real life mob contract killer is not a stretch but still cool. This movie is going to hurt and Shannon is quickly becoming my favorite actor. Also, I’m happy to see Chris Evans in a non-Marvel film. The dude was solid in Sunshine and I like that he is taking risks. This film is the early front-runner for “greatest mustachioed cast” of the summer.

The iceman movie poster


Iron Man 3 (trailer)

You know exactly what you will get. Downey Jr. will be Downey Jr., Paltrow will be Paltrow and Shane Black’s script will be zippy and dark. The true wildcards of this film are James Badge Dale (Pacific), Rebecca Hall (The Town) and Guy Pearce (Awesomeness) as added baddies(?) to the Marvel world. I like all three of these actors and am stoked to see how they fit. I’ve stayed away from trailers and I am hoping for a non-phoned in film in with solid characters and story. Director Shane Black revived Jr.s career with Kiss Kiss Bang Bang so I hope he is able to keep the Marvel universe fresh in Phase 2.

Iron Man 3 Guy Pearce


Love Is All You Need (Trailer)

Pierce Brosnan is an underrated comedic actor. If you haven’t watched The Matador watch it now. I don’t think he will be killing people and envisioning sharks in swimming pools but he will unleash from rakish charm unto the populace.

May 10

Aftershock (trailer)

Eli Roth continues his low budget bonanza with the story of an earthquake in Chili and the bloody results. I’m predicting decapitations, scantily clad women and buckets of blood.

Aftershock Eli Roth


The Great Gatsby (trailer)

Baz Luhrmann tackles F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic with loud noises, Carey Mulligans “acting” and more loud noises. The book has a subdued feel that mixes melancholy and loss. I’m hoping this film is more Romeo & Juliet and less Australia. I appreciate Baz because he always swings for the fences. However, when you swing big you can miss big and Gatsby is a big gamble. I am stoked that Joel Edgerton (Animal Kingdom, Warrior) is in the film. The dude can act and the world needs to take notice.

Joel Edgerton Great Gatsby


Peeples (trailer)

Craig Robinson together with Kerry Washington while David Allen Greir is grumpy. The director wrote the surprise smash Drumline so this film could rise above the Tyler Perry produced stigma and provide us with Meet the Parents esque foibles.

Peeples movie poster


May 17

Frances Ha (Trailer)

Noah Baumbach reunites with Greta Gerwig after Greenberg and together they will make sweet indie magic. Gerwig is a wonderfully odd actress who can pull off intelligent and dumb at the same time (watch Damsels in Distress). She is a unique voice and coupled with Baumbach’s script can work wonders. This film will be funny, uncomfortable, memorable and very New York.



Star Trek Into Darkness (trailer)

There is no point talking Star Trek because the film is so under wraps and secretive the only thing we know is Benedict Cumberbatch is the bad guy with wonderful hair, they aren’t afraid to use Alice Eve for promotional material and Simon Pegg will be cheeky.

Star Trek Benedict


Alice Eve Star Trek lingerie Star Trek Simon Pegg


May 24

Before Midnight (trailer)

I absolutely love Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. I thought the second film ended perfectly so I was kinda shocked to hear they were headed back to the monologue well. However, I am stoked to spend more time with these people and will cherish every moment with these unsatisfied and well spoken generation Xers.

Before Midnight

Fast & Furious 6 (trailer)

Probably the greatest thing ever. Check out my post here and take a look at Paul Walker in deep thought.

Fast and the Furious 6 Paul Walker


The Hangover III (trailer)

Loved the first film. Despised the sequel. I am excited for the giraffe decapitation though. The scene is so over the top it shows the creators were trying to deviate from the tired blacked out shenanigans. I’m hoping this film doesn’t strive for shocks and forget plot like the second film did. Time will tell if the wolfpack can stay gold.

Hangover 3 movie poster


Now You See Me (trailer)

Many cool actors acting cool while Mark Ruffalo  hunts them down. The trailer looked fun and I love the cast of Isla Fisher, Dave Franco, Melanie Laurent Woody Harrelson and Michael Caine.

Now You See Me movie poster

The Purge (trailer)

Ethan Hawke and Lena Heady battling masked killers on a day when all crime is legal. This film is like The Strangers meets Panic Room with a bunch of annoying killers playing cat and mouse with yuppie denizens. My biggest problem is believing after Dredd, 300 and Game of Thrones that Lena Heady would be worried about the punk killers.

The Purge killers


Shadow Dancer (trailer)

Clive Owen and Andrea Riseborough talk seriously while combating the IRA. Riseborough (Welcome to the Punch, Oblivion) has quickly been making a name for herself and this could be the film where her career takes off. The good news is that the film is sitting at 93% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Shadow Dancer Andrea Riseborough

The Kings of Summer (trailer

The Kings of Summer looks like a quirky coming of age tale that was a big hit at Sundance. It is nice to see three kids creating, building and getting themselves away from all the technology and milquetoast aspects of teenage life.  Hopefully, the quirk translates well to the masses. The critics are loving it (100% RT). Also, it has the greatest Boston Market tie in ever and Nick Offerman (Smashed) is proving to be indie gold.

The Kings of Sumer movie poster


Enjoy the May offerings! Comment! Viva la Han and Gisele!

Fast and the Furious 6 Sung Kang


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