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Bad Movie Tuesday: The Best Worst Villain Round 2

April 30, 2013

Hello all. Mark here.

Thank you for all the votes last week! The tournament was a smashing success and I found out you all have some odd/spectacular bad movie preferences. You all love Gerard Butler’s hair, jerky callers, that silly Leprechaun and this clip.


The 32 have become 16 and we’ve had to say goodbye to some truly terrible (in a good way) villains. Some match ups were closer than I anticipated and the voting public seemed truly torn about whether Fat Harry Connick Jr (Costas Mandylor) from the Saw franchise or the Crocodile from Lake Placid should move on. The toughest decision I had to make was between Jon Voight in Anaconda or the lake trout loving Parkey Posey in Blade: Trinity (past tournament winner). Voight has the oddest accent in cinema history and without Posey we never would have seen this kick (10 second mark) or heard the insult “c*ck juggling thunder c**t.” These two vamped it up to such heights they became kinda awesome. I still can’t place Voight’s accent in Anaconda


Some old school villains didn’t make the cut and some new blood is looking to be included into the cannon of great bad. An unknown villain is moving on because of a funny picture and a weak opponent. Nobody knows what Jessica Alba is yelling at but I’ve heard mumbles that it is over-baked brownies (Mad Dog Lasavath) or Sylvia Plath’s ghost (ouch. Thanks Extreme Mula). Either way, her moving on gives me another excuse to show this picture.

Jessica Alba yelling into stove


Some villains are proving to be powerhouses of the bracket.  The Shark from Deep Blue Sea, The Air from The Happening and those motherf***ing Snakes on a Plane coasted to victory. There are no easy match ups in the odd 16 and some fan favorites will be bounced from the tournament. Will the Air from the Happening survive the white alien cuddle? Could the alien cuddle the air? Will the alien lose and quote Mark Wahlberg (victim of The Happening) by saying ” It is what it is. F**king trees, man. The plants. F**k it.”

No matter how the battle goes I know Wahlberg and Deschanel will be watching from a safe distance whilst looking very concerned.

Wahlberg Deschanel The Happening



Via my wonderful fiancee at MADesigns

Cheap Thrills Division

Unnecessarily Angry Division

Revengeful yet Aquatic Division

Bad CGI. Worse Temper Division

Thanks for voting! Tune in next week for the odd elite 8. I will leave you with this wonderful clip.

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