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MFF Random Awards: The Best and Worst of Summer

August 5, 2013

Hello all. Mark here.

With the summer season winding down and the doldrums of August upon us I’ve decided to bestow the summers best with random awards of brilliance and annoyance.

Without further ado here are the winners!

Best Film Award

Four way tie between Spectacular Now, Before Midnight, Fast Six and The Way, Way Back. I’d love to see these films combined into an extremely odd blend of intelligence, violence and Sam Rockwell’s dancing.

Honorable mention: The Conjuring

Before Midnight movie poster 2

Best Villain Award

Ben Kingsley’s Mandarin in Iron Man 3 is a wonderful blend of unpredictable habits and Shakespearean  comedy.


Savior of Subpar Award. 

Sharni Vinson in You’re Next. She is a credible, tough and believable heroine who hurts a lot of masked intruders.



Wow, The Wolverine poster is really intense.

The Wolverine movie poster 3

Best Fight Award

Sung Kang and Tyrese battling evil henchman #7 in Fast Six. Han and Roman are the most likable of the bunch and to see them brawling with a spin kicking dynamo provided us with laughs, excitement and more laughs.

Honorable mention: The bonkers train fight in Wolverine featuring two tough yet unlucky Yakuza battling Wolvy.

Sung kang tyrese

Best Character Award

Sam Rockwell in The Way, Way Back. The dude is likable.

The Way Way Back Sam Rockwell

Best Facial Hair and Flannel

John Travolta and DeNiro in The Killing Season.

Killing Season poster

The most enjoyable moment of Hangover 3 was a man singing the incredibly sad “Hurt” by Nine Inch Nails award

Ken Jeong in the soul crushing Hangover 3

Ken Jeong singing

Good looking millionaires playing sexy eco-terrorists who terrorize those who terrorize nature Award.

Thanks Brit Marling for your eco-terrorist viewpoints via sexy actors.

The east movie poster

 “I’m too young for this sh** Award

Channing Tatum in White House Down

White house down

I can’t believe my white house explosion film beat Channing Tatum’s white house explosion film Award

Gerard Butler in Olympus Has Fallen


I wanted to see you but I never got the chance to see you now I have to wait till blu-ray to see you Award

Berberian Sound Studio. An indie that got away from me.

Berberian sound studio

Biggest gut punch of summer Award

No Gisele No! Watch Fast Six you will see.

Fast and the Furious 6 Sung Kang

Please stop killing this guy Award

James Badge Dale in Iron Man 3, World War Z, Lone Ranger

james Badge Dale

Most gratuitous property destruction Award

Man of Steel. Blobs of CGI fighting blobs of CGI while things go boom.


Honorable mention: Star Trek Into Darkness

star trek poster property destruction

I want a minion Award

Despicable Me 2. Where can I buy one?


You added dings and scratches to your robots and monsters to make them super believable yet failed to give characters defining traits Awards.

Guillermo Del Toro and his Pacific Rim. I would pay to hear Del Toro read the phone book. However, the characters in PR were less than one-dimensional.

Pacific rim monsters

I thought it would be a stinker full of ant like zombies but really liked it Award

World War Z should have been soul crushing. However, it pulled itself together and provided 90 minutes of fun.

World War Z movie poster

Sidenote: Read the book, loved the book. It is nothing like the book.

Ridiculously good looking Ghostbusters Award

Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson blue steel their way to horror fame in the wonderful Conjuring. 

The conjuring

Dude you knew was gonna be a star and is now a star Award

Michael B. Jordan for Fruitvale Station. After The Wire, FNL and Chronicle he is finally getting his due.

Fruitvale station

Best film involving Irish villagers drinking to stay alive Award

Grabbers. Watch it.

grabbers movie posters

I still don’t believe you are real Award

RIPD. Really? Did John make up his review?

RIPD poster

Funniest Film of Summer involving a cannibalistic Danny McBride Award

This is the End. I love the Apatow ten year reunion end of the world film.

This is the end actors

The movie that made a boatload of money because it dared to have fun and not be a sequel award

Now You See Me. Light, breezy and lucrative.

Now You See Me movie poster


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  1. Lacey permalink
    August 6, 2013 9:55 am

    We’ve added all of these movies to Netflix. I will be able to make comments on these next year. I will say that I saw Pacific Rim in IMAX 3D with a girlfriend of mine (also a fellow lawyer at the same firm). The whole I was thinking, how did the two of us end up at this movie — in IMAX 3D no less. My head was in my hands a lot during the movie, doubled over from gut-wrenching movie clichés.

    • August 6, 2013 10:08 am

      I grimaced after almost every line of dialogue. I 100% think Del Toro forgot to write a second draft while immersed in making the monsters look cool. I never thought I would be bored by Robots fighting Monsters. Why not make HUGE missiles? Shoot a missile, Job done. Apocalypse avoided.

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