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MFF: Friday The 13th Suggestions

September 13, 2013

Hello all. Mark here.

If you are looking for some quality horror flicks to watch on the 13th look no further. The MFF crew have compiled a superb list of horror films to enjoy.

You should be able to have a great horror night with these options.

Mark’s List

Dead SnowNorwegian skiers + Nazi Zombies= a fun gore filled night. Once this film gets rolling it becomes a roller coaster on top of an avalanche.

Attack the Block– English Hoodies battle angry wolf/bear/gorilla aliens. This movie is a fun time and will make you speak with an English accent for two weeks.

DevilBetter than it should be.  This is a film that manages to be fun and scary while avoiding excessive gore.  Fun claustrophobic stuff.

Tucker and Dale Vs. EvilNot horror. However, it is a fun hybrid that provides a whole lot of laughs and creativity. SUPPORT THIS FILM!

Session 9A daytime ghost story with smart characters and a neat ending. It is amazing how things become much scarier when the people involved are not dumb.

InsidiousFreaky visuals, creepy moments and a tiny budget. My girlfriend and I loved every minute of this film. The visuals, acting and humor are all top-notch.

28 Days Later-The beginning scene is crazy intense. I was jumping out of my seat while covering my eyes. Incredible score and music as well.

Shaun of the Dead– A fantastic comedy/horror hybrid. If you haven’t watch this go buy it NOW!

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon: Another awesome mockumentary hybrid with creativeness aplenty. Characters don’t get much more original than Leslie Vernon.

If it came down to you watching one of these films I’d have to go with Tucker and Dale. I know it is not a horror flick but it is so much fun and it deserves the support.

Megan’s List

Drag Me to HellThe perfect date movie.  Really! This was the first movie that Mark and I watched together, happy memories and a silly pseudo-horror movie.

The ThingPerfect Horror!  The effects are great too (read: really gross and juicy), none of that new fangled computer generated business here!

The DescentA group of women go exploring in a cave. Creepy. Turn off the lights and be prepared to jump; and this is coming from someone who doesn’t usually jump during movies.

ThirstVampires are all the rage right now…so how about some Korean vampires?  Sure the movie might be really depressing and dark, you might even end up questioning your life afterwards, but hey don’t forget about the vampires.  Sorry kids, no R-Patz here :/

RebeccaClassic noir thriller from the master, Mr. Alfred Hitchcock.  Who wouldn’t want to marry a millionaire with issues surrounding the accidental death of his first wife? Or was it murder?

*If I had to pick one of these for you to watch I would say Tucker and Dale… mostly because Mark stole it from my list. Other than that I would choose The Descent.  This. Movie. Is. Scary.  Accept that fact, watch  the movie, have nightmares afterwards. Happy Halloween Ya’ll 🙂

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