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Horror Art: The make-up and photography of San Gato Photography, Part 2

October 30, 2013

The make-up and photography of San Gato Photography, Part 1

Today I continue to promote a friend and talented up-and-coming horror make-up/photographer.  Her work will be presented in this series of posts.  But if you can’t wait to see all of her work now, then you can find her on San Gato Photography (@SanGatoPhoto on Twitter) or her website  You can read more about her in this article:,7849.

Today I wanted to feature some of her photos.  I thought I’d also give a made-up title along with my 100% UNsolicited opinion of each photo and hope that my jokes or comments don’t annoy the artist.  I should add that the lovely lady in the photos is, in fact, the artist and that I have been given permission to use these images.

Waddya’ think?  Let’s call it Carrie?  Maybe Lohan.

In the spirit of the recent remake of Carrie (2013), this shot couldn’t have had better timing.  But, to be critical for a moment, I’m not convinced by that facial expression.  She’s aiming for terror, but I think she was having too much fun during this shoot.  What do you think?  Is their a little bit of a smile fighting through that scream?

Title?  How about “They’re all gonna’ laugh at you” or perhaps “Who’s laughing now?”

Her face might be perfect here.  Nailed it.  I totally buy her telekinetically sending Rachel McAdams and her Mean Girl cronies straight to Hell.

I call this one Voices

This is like the flashback scene in the movie when you’re learning what makes the killer. Or, perhaps, not tick so well.  This shot captures humility and mania.  I only noticed the shadow of the cross on the wall after seeing this several times.  It’s suggestive of the presence of an exorcist is the room aiming the object at the demon-possessed woman while shouting Old Testament style “The power of Christ compels you!”

The make-up and photography of San Gato Photography, Part 1

The make-up and photography of San Gato Photography, Part 3

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