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The Best Horror Film of the Last 10 Years: Round 4

October 30, 2013



tournament-brackets-badhorror- round 4


It started with 32 and now we are down to four. The Descent, Evil Dead, Drag Me To Hell and Cabin in the Woods are vying for the mythical number one spot. Will the evil Cinderella (Spiderella?) run of Evil Dead continue? Will the women of The Descent continue to spelunk deeper into the tournament? Can Cabin in the Woods fend off Mrs. Ganush and her Lamia? Will this goat get a stand alone movie?

NSFW. The Goat has a foul mouth. Demons hate being tricked into becoming goats.


These movies all focus on different horror scenarios (curse, creatures, demons, sacrifice) but there is a similarity to their success. They all feature strong female leads who are dang near indestructible. Subterranean mole monsters, redneck zombies, ancient gods, jerky demons, evil goats and hell portals are needed to take these women down. They are not scream queens. They are women who will kill kittens if it means a curse will be lifted. They cut off their arms, submerge themselves in blood and survive werewolf attacks in order to defeat death. These are not women you find in slasher films. They are tough as nails and ready to rumble. Take a look at these pics.

Cabin in the woods

The Descent woman in blood

Evil Dead chainsaw Jane Levy

Alison Lohman Drag Me


The four films accomplished something special. They were universally praised (Evil Dead was the lowest RT rated with a fresh 62%) and popular with horror and mainstream audiences. They deserve their spot in the top four and I’d hate to see any of them go.

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Spelunkers Paradise Bracket/Red Demon’s Lair Bracket

The Descent vs. Evil Dead

Both films center around woodland trips gone awry. Things go bad, bones go smoosh, and head are impaled by various weapons. They feature glorious gore and virtuoso practical effects. The Descent is so wonderful it didn’t need the hungry mole people because it was so tense already. However, this is probably the biggest cinematic scare I’ve witnessed.

The Descent .


Upside Down Skyline Bracket/Merman Harbinger Bracket

Cabin in the Woods vs. Drag Me To Hell

Sam Raimi perfected the “cabin in the woods” horror film. Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard took that perfection and put a new spin on it. Drag Me To Hell is a roller coaster on top of a demon goat. It is fun, gross and displays Raimi’s mastery of “bonkers macabre.” Cabin in the Woods explodes with imagination and flips the jock, nerd, dumb blond and virgin clichés upside down. Cabin also features a Merman.

Cabin in the Woods Merman



Thoughts? Comments? Let us know. Thanks!

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