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Mark’s Fifteen Most Anticipated Films of Summer

May 2, 2014

Hello all. Mark here.

The summer season is upon us again! The movie theaters will be inundated with big budget blockbusters that won’t reinvent the wheel but might blow up a few. Amongst the expensive carnage there are several films that might get lost in all the hubbub. What do these films have in common? I want to see them all and they will offer something unique, different or daring in a season of sequels, remakes and reboots.


Chef (May 9)

Before Jon Favreau was directing Iron Man and Cowboys and Aliens he was an indie maestro who dabbled in Christmas comedy (Elf),wrote Swingers, directed Made and had many conversations in Dinner for Five. 

Chef sees him returning to the indie scene and bringing his friends with him. Chef features one of my favorite actors John Leguizamo and revolves around a disgraced chef who opens a food truck in Miami. It will be interesting to see if Favreau can still tap into the low-budget scene after so many years of juggling massive films.



Million Dollar Arm (May 16)

Cool Runnings, Invincible, The Rookie and Miracle are all fantastic film.s Million Dollar Arm will look to continue the trend of true story awesomeness. Directed by Craig Gillespie who helmed the underrated Fright Night remake. Million Dollar Arm centers around Jon Hamm’s sports agent recruiting two Indian cricket players to play Major League Baseball. Expect big laughs and bigger emotions. I think Million Dollar Arm will be the sleeper of summer (I am kinda biased because I worked on it).

million dollar arm


Filth (May 30)

I’m thinking Filth will be to James McAvoy as In Bruges was to Collin Farrell. Based on the Irvine Welsh (Trainspotting) novel the movie has gotten great reviews overseas and features a fantastic cast including Imogen Poots, Eddie Marsan and Jaime Bell.

I love this picture.



Edge of Tomorrow (June 6)

The original title “All You Need is Kill” was much cooler but there is something about this film that looks interesting. Watching Tom Cruise get trained by Emily Blunt as they die continuously in order to kill evil aliens looks fun. The movie will look fantastic, feature a badass female heroine and play like a violent Groundhog Day. 

emily blunt


How to Train You Dragon 2 (June 13)

With no Pixar film out this summer HTTYD2 will rule the summer. I loved the first film and the second should be beautiful to behold on IMAX 3D. I can’t wait to watch the further exploits of Toothless and crew. Also, you have to love the people doing the voiceovers (TJ Miller, Jay Baruchel, Craig Ferguson, Gerard Butler etc..)

dragon 2


The Rover (June 13)

Animal Kingdom director David Michod reunites with Guy Pearce for a gritty Australian film that will undoubtedly be awesome. They are calling this $12 million film a “more menacing Mad Max.” Yes, Please! Rover cannot be released soon enough.

Sidenote: If you haven’t watched Animal Kingdom do it now.



Snowpiercer (June 27)

Based on a French graphic novel Snowpiercer is Bong-Joon ho’s (The Host) English language debut. The most exciting thing is that mainstream America will finally see Song Kang ho (Thirst, Good, the Bad & the Weird, The Host) in action. He is an amazing actor who has been doing spectacular nuanced work for many years. Also, this may be a loose connection but one of my favorite films is Sunshine. Chris Evans was in Sunshine and he is in Snowpiercer. I will call them the hot and cold badass combination. I’m hoping for big things.



They Came Together (June 27)

Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler are back with David Wain (Wet Hot American Summer). Need I say more? Watch the trailer. Love it.



Begin Again (July 4)

John Carney directed Once. Once is one of my favorite films. John Carney directed Begin Again. It will be amazing. However, the two posters are way too similar.

begin again



Boyhood (July 11)

Richard Linklater can do no wrong. His projects (Before trilogy, Dazed and Confused, School of Rock, Waking Life, Scanner Darkly) are things of beauty. I’m stoked for Boyhood because it was shot over the course of 12 years and features the evolution of one kid. It is ambitious, daring and a huge investment.



Wish I Was Here (July 18)

Garden State blew me away when I first watched it. I bought the soundtrack, poster and would have pre-orderd the DVD had I thought about it. The movie becomes a different monster the more you watch it (staged scenes, readily available Portman character). However, it was highly effective when I first watched it. I am excited for Wish You Were Here because of the all the expectations surrounding it (Kickstarter). I know it will be put under the microscope and I think it will hold up. Also, Kate Hudson is capable of so much more than the romantic comedies she has been stuffed into. I hope she can rekindle some Almost Famous luster and pull a McConaissance.

wish I was here


Calvary (Aug 1)

Brendan Gleeson reuniting with The Guard director John Michael McDonough is probably the greatest thing to ever happen. You need to watch The Guard if you haven’t watched it. I cannot wait for Calvary and I’m stoked to see what Gleeson can do with his priest role.



Guardians of The Galaxy (Aug 1)

Any film that ends its first trailer with “What a bunch of A-holes” is cool with me. Marvel is gambling again and I love it.



Lucy (Aug 8)

La Femme Nikita, The Professional, The Fifth Element and now Lucy. Luc Besson has directed some action classics and created several iconic female characters. I’m stoked to watch Scarlett Johansson kick-ass while moving objects with her mind. Lucy will be big, loud and really fun.



Let’s Be Cops (August 13)

I’d watch Damon Wayans Jr. and Jake Johnson read a phone book. They are hilarious and their chemistry on New Girl is fantastic. Another cool thing about Let’s Be Cops is it is directed by Luke Greenfield who was responsible for the underrated Girl Next Door. Cops will be the comedy sleeper hit of summer and hopefully push these two scene stealers into the upper echelons of comedy.

let's be cops


What films are you looking forward to? Comment. Share. Comment again. Share again.









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  1. May 2, 2014 4:16 pm

    You’re in for a real treat with the two I’ve seen so far (Filth and Calvary), they’re both brilliant!

  2. May 3, 2014 12:15 pm

    Good list 😀

  3. johnleavengood permalink
    May 4, 2014 4:36 pm

    Even being in the camp of folks that liked Oblivion, I’m skeptical about Edge of Tomorrow.

  4. May 7, 2014 4:02 pm

    Nice list my friend.


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