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The Amazing Spider-Man 2: An Unfocused Dilution of the Spidey World

May 6, 2014

The Amazing Spider Man 3 movie poster

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a scattershot cash grab that looks toward the future and doesn’t focus on the now. It is a committee movie that takes a talented cast and intriguing story and makes them so bland you’ll miss Spider-Man 3. You constantly hope for some (500) Days of Summer personality/romance or a dance scene like this.



The Amazing Spider-Man 2 feels like a checklist of a film. Introduce tons of villains. Check. Ensure many spin-offs. Check. Waste an Oscar-winning actor as a villain. Check. Fail in the inevitable comparison to Spider-Man 2. Check.  Do you know why Spider-Man 2 is one of the most critically appreciated comic book films? It balances a solid story with a great villain. A villain who was built with care, purpose and a deep emotional focus. When Spidey fought Doc Ock. you were on the edge of your seat. The two men felt human and their battles beat the crap out of them.

spider man 2

After The Amazing Spider-Man failed to give enough screen time to one villain I wondered how the second film would juggle multiple baddies. The answer is they never tried to juggle them. They wedged them in, edited down their backstories and added tons of CGI. Does Sony really think that by giving us five minutes of each character (Rhino, Black Cat? Gustav Fiers, Alistair Smythe) that we will care about their further exploits? I figured Sony would learn from Marvel and take time with their villains (Sans the dang Dark Elf and Mickey Rourke’s Whiplash). When Electro is blowing up the city you feel nothing because the script never allows you. Electro’s backstory is so bad you begin to realize how great Milton was in Office Space (you will know what I mean).

milton office space gif

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 feels rushed even though it is 142 minutes. The amount of world building, character introductions and mourning never feels like enough.  The only reason you care about the Parker-Stacey relationship is because Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have fantastic chemistry. Sony nailed the casting but lost their actors in the massive budgets and many rewrites. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 feels incredibly expensive. The sets, CGI and thousands of extras don’t mean a thing because the story is so unfocused. Instead of building relationships we are stuck with a ten minute subplot about two planes crashing. Why are the planes in the film? Who are the people on the plane? Who are the air traffic controllers? Why does anyone care?

Sony will make a lot of money on The Amazing Spider-Man 2. However, they are diluting the character and hurting themselves in the long run. Their rush to release Spidey films have resulted in subpar efforts that will ultimately force them to reboot the series once again. I understand they want to keep the Spidey rights but do they have to expedite a famous character into existence via tons of money and unfinished scripts? My only hope is they use Felicity Jone’s character well. She is a fantastic young actress who could be a solid villain/love interest/partner in Spider-Man’s future.

felicity Jones

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  1. May 6, 2014 1:12 pm

    There’s a lot of messiness here, and it doesn’t always work as a whole. However, when it does work, it’s a fun movie that I couldn’t help but just enjoy the hell out of. Good review.

    • May 6, 2014 1:13 pm

      True. I found no joy in it. I really wanted to but it all felt so haphazard. I feel like it was really edited down.


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