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Alan Partridge: The Original Alpha Papa

July 30, 2014

Alan Patridge movie poster

Alan Partridge! Who the f- Alan Partridge! You know who I am, I’ve not been off TV for that long! Identify yourself.

Alan Partridge has been around a long time. 20 years ago the comedy classic Knowing Me, Knowing You With Alan Partridge (ah-ha!) was released upon the world and it introduced us to an incredibly superficial, narcissistic and insecure ‘wally.’ (Thank you Wiki homepage for Alan Partridge) The show made for some of the most uncomfortable chat show moments in television history and ushered in a new wave of comedy hero (Think David Brent of The Office). His show ended with a gunshot that lead to a spiral of botched Christmas specials, toblerone candy and divorce. His journey has taken him from failing upward on the BBC to hosting an afternoon show on a local radio network called North Norfolk Digital.

The film follows Alan as he becomes the mediator during a hostage situation. The radio station he works for is adjusting to a younger crowd and are looking to sack one of the old school disc jockeys. Alan is a disloyal little turd so he gets Colm Meaney’s character fired and a hostage crisis ensues. Meaney doesn’t know it was Alan who got him fired so he uses his “trusted friend” to meet his demands. Alan uses the crisis to further his brand. occasionally end up without pants and say things like “We’re asking, what is the worst monger? Iron, fish… rumour… or war?”

Alan Partridge Steve Coogan

The movie goes broader than the television shows yet still delivers the Alan you’ve grown to love because he is such a sad little man. Alan is not a likable fellow and his back catalog of quotes proves he can be described as articulately dumb. What I love is that Coogan has had 20 years to fine tune the character and it has been fun to watch his semi-evolution.

Alan Partridge

We don’t get many creations like Alan Partridge. We’ve been able to watch him fail for twenty years while he still holds on to his self-importance. His will has been tested but he has overcome obstacles like his bare foot drive to Dundee. He has lived in travel lodges, caravans and posh five bedroom homes while chasing fame. Aside from one panic attack he still has his ambitions and with news of the sequel we will get more adventures.

You need to know Alan Partridge. Start from the beginning and you’ll understand why he is the Alpha Papa.

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