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The MFF Oscar Nominations: Celebrating the Films/Performances/Scripts That Weren’t Nominated

January 16, 2015

Hello all. Mark here

The Oscar are readily approaching and the world is in an uproar! There are front runners, snubs and for some reason people are still shocked. The whole process should not be looked at with emotions or logic. It is clinical, political and kinda easy to predict. Now that all eyes are on the nominees I want to let you in on some of 2014’s best offerings that weren’t nominated. I’ve put together an MFF special list that nominates the scripts/movies/performances that could be left behind.

Sidenote: I’ve left out movies like Selma, Nightcrawler, Cake, Interstellar and the like because you will be hearing enough about how they were snubbed.

Without further ado here are the eclectic nominees!

Best Picture

Calvary –  Next to Boyhood Calvary is the best film of the year. John Michael McDonagh’s follow-up to The Guard is beautifully told and features a wonderful performance from Brendan Gleeson

Edge of Tomorrow – The blockbuster of the year. Tom Cruise is back in form and Emily Blunt was fantastically badass.

Snowpiercer – Controlled chaos at its finest.

The Guest – The Guest plays like Terminator, Halloween and Universal Soldier had an awesome kid

Cheap Thrills – It should have been a gross little thing yet managed to create a grounded story with mysterious characters.

Blue Ruin – A Tension bomb. It will stress you out.

Under the Skin – Once you watch a Jonathan Glazer film you cannot forget a Jonathan Glazer film. 

The Raid 2 – The Best action film since The Raid. 

Only Lovers left Alive – Jim Jarmusch sure is cool.

Winner! Calvary

Calvary movie poster


Best Director

Gareth EvansRaid 2 – There was almost too much awesomeness in The Raid 2

Jonathan GlazerUnder the skin – Under the Skin was haunting, memorizing and uber memorable

Jeremy SaulnierBlue Ruin – I don’t where he came from but he made something amazing for next to nothing.

John Michael McDonaghCalvary – He can write, direct and tackle big issues with ease.

Bong Joon-HoSnowpiercer – This film juggled so many odds aspects it could have come crashing down with ease. Bong Joon-Ho kept it on the tracks.

Winner! Gareth Evans 


Best Actor

Tom HardyLocke – Tom Hardy + One car = A whole lot of acting. Dude was awesome.

James McAvoyFilth – McAvoy’s performances gave humanity to a monster and turned him into a sad little fellow.

Brendan GleesonCalvary – Hands down the best performance of 2014. After In Bruges and The Guard he needs some recognition.

Chadwick BosemanGet on Up – He really went for it and pulled off a pretty great James Brown.

Nicolas CageJoe – Cage can still act and it makes me happy.

Winner! Brendan Gleeson. 

Calvay Sligo

Best Actress

Shailene WoodleyThe Fault in Our Stars – The film had all the trappings of teenage sad fluff. However, Woodley carried the  film with a stubborn grace that make the film infinitely better

Eva Green300: Rise of an Empire  – Eva Green chewed the scenery and kicked ass. 

Emily BluntEdge of Tomorrow – It could have been a throwaway sidekick role but it became so much more.

Scarlett JohanssonUnder the Skin – Scarlett really went for it and captured vulnerability and awe.

Essie DavisThe Babadook – Davis had to play so many emotions I lost count after two minutes.

Winner! Scarlett Johannson

Under the skin Adam Pearson


Best Supporting Actress

Regina HallAbout Last Night – The funniest female performance of the year.

Maika MonroeThe Guest – I just really like The Guest.

Tilda Swinton Snowpiercer – Tilda Swinton is awesome. She owned Snowpiercer. 

Kelly ReillyCalvary – She was a big reason why Calvary had so much heart.

Alison PillSnowpiercer – In her few moments on screen Pill proved to be psychotic, violent and a pretty good teacher.

Winner! Tilda Swinton

Snowpiercer axe


Best Supporting Actor

Robert PattinsonThe Rover – Pattinson dissapears into the character and it all culminates with him singing Keri Hilson’s song “Pretty Girl Rock.”

Rob BrydonTrip to Italy – Rob Brydon remains likable even as he is being a little punk. You gotta watch these movies.

Ben MendelsohnStarred Up – He plays the best/worst dad ever. Dude is amazing. 

Michael PenaFury – With End of Watch and now Fury Michael Pena needs some recognition.

Ethan EmbryCheap Thrills – Just watch the movie. Embry does a great job.

Winner! Rob Brydon

The Trip to Italy ocean


The 10 best scripts that won’t win any awards.

Guardians of the Galaxy – I am Groot. Drax has great reflexes.

Calvary – You have to watch this film.

The Double – Richard Ayoade is pure gold.

Starred Up – Brutal, believable and features a neat father/son relationship.

John Wick – It opens with puppy death but totally redeems itself with its world building.

Oculus – The Best WWE produced film about an evil mirror ever.

Only Lovers Left Alive – You drank Ian!

Snowpiercer – I really love this film.

Grand PianoGrand Piano has no right to be so fun.

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa – Knowing me. Knowing you!

Winner! Calvary AGAIN!!!!!


What movies would you nominate? What did I miss?


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  1. January 29, 2015 2:43 pm

    All great choices. I also made a little (and a tad more mainstream) snub list for the past years, check it out and let me know what you think:

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