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The 2014 Random Awards: Best Arm Grab, Tank Driving, Nap and More!

December 18, 2014


I really enjoyed the cinematic efforts of 2014. The original stories blended well with the remakes, sequels, reboots and prequels to make it all interesting. There have been wonderful surprises (Edge of Tomorrow), neat characters (Chef) and underappreciated gems (Snowpiercer) to keep us bloggers on our toes. These random awards celebrate the little moments that made 2014 a very entertaining cinematic year to watch.

Without further ado here are some random awards for your enjoyment.

Most fun driving a tank since A-Team award. 

Randy Couture and Dolph Lundgren had a swell time blowing away European bad guys whilst cruising in a tank. I had fun watching Expendables 3. I couldn’t find the pic so here is Randy and Dolph chilling in the sun.

Expend 3


Best moment involving an evil possessed man standing on a roof in order to throw a dead body on top of a moving vehicle award

I don’t know how nobody noticed a heavily scarred man standing on a roof waiting to ambush Eric Bana. I also wonder if a demon possessed man has a wrist watch. This is the head scratcher of the year.



Best usage of a shoe award

If you haven’t watched Snowpiercer do it now (finish the post first though! Then, Maybe tweet it out or share on Facebook).

Snowpiercer shoe


Best usage of a fish award 

You gotta see Snowpiercer.

Snowpiercer fish

Best Ethan Hawke quote from Boyhood Award

Boyhood is my favorite film of the year and this is my favorite quote. “You have to ask them lots of questions, and then you have to listen.”

boyhood hawke


Best exchange between two people in a field award. 

A Field in England might have my favorite dialogue exchange of the year.

Friend: When you get to the alehouse, see a way to get a message to my wife.

Jacob: Anything, Friend. Anything.

Friend: Tell her… tell her I hate her. Tell her I did burn her father’s barn. ‘Twas payment for forcing our marriage. Tell her I loved her sister. Who I had. Many times. From behind. Like a beautiful prize sow.

Jacob: If I’d have known that, I would have paid you more respect, brother.

A field in England


Best fight of the year

Ed Norton and Michael Keaton brawl it out for Broadway supremacy!

Birdman Ed Norton


Best nap

Godzilla saves the day. Takes a nap. Then, groggily swims away. Godzilla is the blue-collar hero the world needs

Godzilla Nap


Best Bromance of the year

I wish I had a cheeky robot named TARS



Best usage of mustaches and walruses award

I love that a movie about a man being turned into a walrus actually happened.



Finally somebody uses John Leguizamo right Award

Thank you Jon Favreau for writing John Leguizamo a fantastic character. Dude can act. He got to prove it in Chef.

Chef John Leguizamo


MVP of the year award

After Under the Skin, Captain America 2 and Lucy Scarlett Johannson is the 2014 MVP. They need to combine all the characters and create quite possibly the weirdest film ever.

lucy scarjo


Best siege face

Alan Partridge, you are my hero.

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa


Best Retweet

I still think it is pretty awesome that Tom Cruise Retweeted my Edge of Tomorrow review.

Tom Cruise retweet


 Tim Riggins doppelganger award

I was really hoping the Winter Soldier was a mechanized Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights. 

Winter Soldier


Most memorable dinner scene involving a sociopath/psychopath/whatevercrazypath

Jake Gyllenhaal and Rene Russo were really really really good in Nightcrawler. 



Best evil mirror in a WWE produced film

Oculus is clever and well thought out. It is the rare horror that makes you think while it scares you.



The best action movie since The Raid

The Raid 2 is amazing. It is 180 minutes of face kicking, hammer death and more face kicking. You have to see it.

The Raid 2 Movie Poster


Best arm grab award

This arm grab in Winter Soldier says “Listen, We gotta save the world and I can get away with this arm grab because you are a badass superhero. This is in no way like those creepy arm grabs that Roger Moore did in the Bond series.”

cap america


Second best arm grab award

This one says “Listen, I know the other arm grab is better but I’m trying my best.”

arm grab


Welcome to the Wes Anderson world award

The Grand Budapest Hotel was fantastic and now Wes Anderson has more wonderful actors/actresses to add to his arsenal. I Can’t wait to watch Saoirse Ronan, Jude Law and Ralph Fiennes play quirky characters for years to come.




I, Frankenstein was pure dumb yet kinda incredible award

I, Frankenstein you are dumb. Gloriously dumb and sorta fun. Your plot about Frankenstein battling demons while gargoyles fly around is stuff of bad movie legend.



Most “holy sh*t” moments award

How to Train Your Dragon 2 brings the awe. What an amazing film. I’m pretty certain IMAX 3D was invented for Toothless the dragon.


Dragon soaring


Best couple who should be in every film

Regina Hall and Kevin Hart are wonderful in About Last Night. They are hilarious and their chemistry is through the roof. They need their own movie.

Regina Hall


These two need to join forces award

Eva Green and Emily Blunt need to a do a film where their characters in 300 and Edge of Tomorrow kick butt on another planet via time traveling phone booth.

Eva Green

Edge of Tomorrow Emily Blunt


Where did you come from and why were you so good?

I just can’t quit you Cheap Thrills. You are odd, violent and really well done. Kudos!

Cheap Thrills Ethan Embry












What are your favorite random moments of the year? Let me know!

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