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The MFF Random Oscars: Best Hotel, Lounging, Beard and Moment Involving Fish

February 21, 2015

Hello all. Mark here.

The Oscars are upon us and the entire world has called for a truce in order to find out if Boyhood or Birdman wins Best Picture. In honor of the awards I’ve put together an alternative Oscar list that celebrates all things random. The categories include the best 2014 moments involving fish, lounging, driving and face punches.

Check out the list and vote for your favorites!

Best Butt-kicker 

Rita Vrataski – Edge of Tomorrow

emily blunt


Artemisia – 300

Eva Green


David – The Guest

The guest movie


Rama – The Raid 2

The Raid 2 Prison Riot mud


Curtis – Snowpiercer



John Wick- John Wick

john wick



Best Beard


Macon Blair – Blue Ruin – This beard says “I’ve been through some things.”

Blue Ruin character


Chris Evans –Snowpiercer – If beards could talk this beard would be very world weary and often tell folksy stories.

Snowpiercer shoe


Brendan Gleeson – Calvary – The beard is a man’s man beard who happens to be the president of the man’s man beard club.

Calvay Sligo


Nicolas Cage – Joe – This beard declares “I’m back!”

Joe Nicolas Cage


Ethan Embry – Cheap Thrils – Ethan Embry has perfected the blue-collar beard.

Cheap Thrills Ethan Embry



Worst Travel Companion


Lou Bloom – Nightcrawler

Nightcrawler Jake Gyllenhaal


Laura – Under the Skin

Under the skin Adam Pearson


Tubal Cain – Noah



Scoot McNairy – Non-Stop



Eric – The Rover

The Rover Guy Pearce



Best Lounging


Adam and Eve – Only Lover’s Left Alive

only lovers left alive tim hiddleston


Rob and Steve – Trip to Italy

The Trip to Italy


Mason – Boyhood

Boyhood movie poster


Godzilla – Godzilla

Godzilla Nap



Thanos is his reclinomatic space chair






The Legend of Hercules




Pompeii Kit


I, Frankenstein



The Amazing Spider Man 2 

Spider man Andrew Garfield


Left Behind



Best  Couple


Regina Hall and Kevin Hart – About Last Night

Regina Hall


Groot and Rocket Raccoon – Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians Line up


Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike – Gone Girl

gone girl


Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne – Neighbors



The surprisingly loving M.U.T.O. couple in Godzilla



Funniest Moment


Finger biting in The Interview

interview finger


Anything Batman in The Lego Movie

Batman lego


Regina Hall and the Chicken in About Last Night



Channing Tatum finds out that Jonah Hill slept with Ice Cube’s daughter in 22 Jump Street.

22 jump street ice cube


“I Suppose you call that a draw” from Grand Budapest Hotel



Best Usage of Fish


Snowpiercer and the case of the fish who won’t quit.

Snowpiercer fish


Unbroken and the sea snacks



Justin Long as a Walrus eating Fish. Tusk was weird



How to Train Your Dragon 2 and a cute dragon eating fish



Who won 2014?


Scarlett Johansson for Under the Skin, Cap 2 and Lucy

lucy scarjo


Bradley Cooper for American Sniper and Guardians




Kevin Hart for Ride Along, About Last Night and Top Five

Regina Hall


Channing Tatum for 22 Jump Street and Foxcatcher

22 jump street ice cube


Chris Pratt – Guardians of the Galaxy and Lego Movie

Guardians of the Galaxy movie poster


Best Driving


Tom Hardy driving and speaking in a welsh accent – Locke

Tom hardy locke


Sam Jackson and the most durable vehicle on the planet – Captain America 2: Winter Soldier

sam jackson


Dolph Lundgren driving a tank – Expendables 3

epxendables tank


Scarlett’s van work – Under the Skin

Under the skin Adam Pearson


Franco’s tank driving and singing of Katy Perry – The Interview



Biggest A-Hole


Ronan the Underwritten – Guardians of the Galaxy



The Bird – Unbroken

the bird


The surprise cameo in Interstellar who turns out to be a massive A-hole. – Interstellar



The Guy With the Hair (AKA Dominic Cooper) – Need for Speed



The tornado from Into the StormInto the Storm



Best usage of Scoot McNairy


Scoot as a depressed musician – Frank

Scoot mnnairy


Scoot as an angry passenger – Non-Stop



Scoot as an angry motorist -The Rover

Scott therover


Scoot as a jilted lover – Gone Girl



Best Accessory 


Star Lord’s Walkman in Guardians of the Galaxy



Chris Pine’s Into the Woods pompadour



Liam Neeson’s Non-Stop cell phone

Liam Neeson


The Shoe from Snowpiercer

Snowpiercer shoe


The Kragle in The Lego Movie



Best Hotel


John Wick’s assasin hotel



Grand Budapest Hotel



The Charming hotel in Fault in our Stars


The Signal’s office/hotel room with a cool looking bathroom

The Signal actors




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  1. February 22, 2015 11:36 pm

    Loved these Random Oscars. So much more fun than the real ones. My fav was definitely Best Usage of Fish.

    • February 23, 2015 9:21 am

      Thanks! I was surprised that HTTYD2 held its ground against Snowpiercer.


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