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The MFF Podcast #4: The Sarlacc Pit, Annabelle and Jumping the horror shark

March 28, 2015

Hello all. Mark here!

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This is where the magic happens!


The Audible sponsored MFF Podcast is back and we are talking about The Sacrament, The Interview, Annabelle and the Sarlacc Pit. We go in depth about jumping the horror shark and look back at the hype of The Interview. As always we do Salacious Crumb impersonations and discuss Kurt Russell.

Big trouble


Sit back, relax and enjoy philosophical musings about lame cults and evil dolls with identity issues.

You can stream the pod on The Shark Dropper Website or you can download from Itunes.

If you get a moment please subscribe, review and rate the pod. It would be greatly appreciated!

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