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The MFF Podcast #9: Talking about the best cinematic jerks and horror films of 1995

April 27, 2015

Hello all. Mark here!

The MFF podcast is back and we are examining the 1995 cinematic landscape. We talk about the subpar horror films of 1995 and examine the jerkiness of all the cinematic jerks. No stoned is left unturned as we talk about Empire Records, Species, Demon Night, Tommy Boy and Candy Man’s bees.


Yuck. Dude was a massive jerk.

We also discuss Kurt Russell, rumors that aren’t rumors and somebody says “Keyser Soze was a three-toed sloth.” We also answer three fantastic listener questions.

1. What would be the most evenly matched female superhero vs. female super villain battle?

2. What is your favorite cinematic meal?

3. Why do people like Donnie Darko?

You can download the pod on Itunes or you can stream it on the Shark Dropper website.

If you get a chance please rate, review and share the pod! If you have any random cinematic questions please ask and we shall answer!

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  1. May 28, 2015 1:51 pm

    There is a bit in this ‘cast where you talk about David Spade being the star of Boogie Nights. The weird coincidence here is that David Spade used to be in the show Just Shoot Me. In an episode of the show it was revealed that he had a gigantic penis and the rest of the male characters on the show were freaking out about it.

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