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Who is the Baddest Movie Character Since 2010?: A 16 Person Battle Royale

May 4, 2015


Hello all. Mark here.

In honor of Daredevil and the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road I decided to unleash this tournament upon the world.  What does this tournament have to do with Mad Max and Daredevil? In a summer full of superheroes, dinosaurs and more superheroes it is a breath of fresh air to have some old fashioned human violence.  The beatdowns of Daredevil and practical car damage of Mad Max are things of beauty. I could care less about Hulk vs. The Hulkbuster. I want to see John Wick vs. The Raid’s Rama.

The 16 cinematic characters I’ve included have saved the world, won MMA tournaments and taken out 77 people in 101 minutes. However, if a large green man smashed them they would be 100% dead (not mostly dead). Some of these butt-kickers may be able to kill the boogeyman but if they jump out of a plane without a parachute they will end up like The Rock and Sam Jackson in The Other Guy’s.


Sidenote: Characters who have been on screen before 2010 have been excluded. Brian Mills (Taken) crushed folks in 2008 so I didn’t add him to the list even though he was in two sequels. However, Luke Hobbs (The Rock) was in 2011’s Fast Five so he made the cut even though he was in an established series. Dredd is a remake but it was Karl Urban’s first film so he made the list. I also left out people who died. Sadly, characters like Eli (Book of Eli), Curtis (Snowpiercer), Stacker Pentecost (Pacific Rim) and Artemisia (300) have been left out.

Vote below and check back tomorrow for the Elite 8! If one of your favorite characters is losing rally your like minded friends and boost their score. THEY NEED YOUR VOTES!!!!

Bracket 2

John Wick (John Wick) vs. Scott Pilgrim (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World)

The Boogeyman Killer or The Ex Destroyer?

John Wick vs. Scott Pilgrim


Black Widow (Avengers)  vs. Driver (Drive)

The Human Avenger or The Scorpion?

Black Widow vs. Driver


Luke Hobbs (Fast Five) vs. Ottway (The Grey)

The Human Tank vs. The Ultimate Survivor (AKA Wolf Fighter)

Ottway vs. Hobbs


Dredd (Dredd) vs. Tommy Conlon (Warrior)

The Law or The Human Trapezius Muscle

Tommy vs. Dredd


Rama (The Raid) vs. Brendan Conlon (Warrior)

Violence Incarnate or The MMA Champ?

Brendan vs. Rama


Mallory Kane (Haywire) vs. Andy Knightley (The World’s End)

The Black Op Badass or The Drunken Bar Brawler?

Mallory Kane vs. Andy Knightley


Django (Django Unchained)  vs. Shinzaemon (13 Assassins

The Silver Tongued Devil or The OG Samurai

Shizaemon vs. Django


Rita Vrataski (Edge of Tomorrow) vs.  Harry Hart (The Kingsman)

The Full Metal Bitch or The Super Svelte Spy?

Quick note: I think Harry will be back in the sequel.

Harry vs. Rita


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