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Interior: A Micro-budget Horror Film That Provides Fantastic Scares

May 15, 2015

Interior movie poster


Interior tells the story of one man, several ghosts and a whole lot of scares. This microbudget indie is a showcase for director Zach Beckler and his bevy of jump scares. It has been ages since the hair raised up on my arms and it was a thrill to watch as my long time friend delivered a confident directorial debut. In a day and age of recycled horror I love that there are people out there telling original stories on tiny budgets. The fantastic fright flick is perfect for late night viewings and I guarantee it will freak you out. Watch the trailer and you will know what I mean.


I worked with Zach at a Florida movie theater and we bonded over horror films. He introduced me to many obscure movies and I will always remember watching The Descent with him. Years later he is branching out as a filmmaker and I loved his directorial debut. The film is currently hitting the film circuits and I wanted to get some advance buzz out there for it. You will jump, scream and love every second of the carefully edited Interior.

Interior horror film

Interior takes place in a single location and features an out of work filmmaker helping out his ex-girlfriend. She believes her house is haunted and he agrees to help her get proof. He starts off skeptical but eventually gets harassed to the point where he says the great line “you gotta be f*cking kidding me.” So many horror films have forgotten the art of the jump scare. Interior looks to remind us why we love the experience of being afraid.  The jump scares reminded me a lot of the amazing scares of Insidious or Exorcist III.


Insidious gif red demon

What makes this film believable are the motives of the character. The guy needs money and is all around skeptical about the haunted accusations. He sets up cameras around the house and it all gets weird. Beckler works around his budget and fills Interior with scenes that set up the scares perfectly. As Interior unfolds it feels like your arm hairs will never go down. I watched the film on my computer and loved the surround sound. The 3D sound works perfectly as the scares come from everywhere. I literally paused it once to check my garage door because I swore I heard something.

Interior feels like several films at once while creating a voice of its own. In a day and age of recycled horror you need to appreciate when a director does something new with familiar tropes. Many films with 200 times the budget can’t create the scares of the $12,000 Interior. It is a love letter and a calling card.

Interior movie

Interior is a showcase for a first time director and I can’t wait to see what he does next. I’d love to see him give the film the Evil Dead treatment with a larger budget and amps that turns up to 11.

If Interior is playing near you please check it out! Stop by the website to see where it is playing. 

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