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The 2017 MFF Halloween Horror Viewing Guide

October 27, 2017

The world is inundated with lists telling you which horror films to watch on Halloween. I’m sure they all have their merits but they aren’t looking out for everybody. I wanted to bring you a wide variety of films in order to give you options because not everybody watches the same kind of movies so options are always nice.

I came up with 16 categories and in those categories, I’ve given you the main option and a backup in case you don’t like the first recommendation. Hopefully, you can find something you will enjoy. An added bonus is that all of these films are streaming on either Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO GO or Shudder.

  • If you are in the mood for…..

1. Fast Zombies on a Fast Train

Train to Busan (Netflix) –  Train to Busan is a fantastic horror film that involves fast zombies, lots of blood and people trying to run up escalators that are going down (it’s terrifying). It helped 2016 become the highest rated year for horror (according to RT) and you will love the new spin on zombies.

  • If you aren’t interested. Night of the Living Dead (Amazone Prime, Shudder) – George Romero is the best.

2. Quite Possibly the Most Stressful Experience Ever

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Amazon Prime) – This film is an absolute classic that is primal, horrifying and beautifully made. If you are looking to be stressed out you need to watch this classic.

  • If you aren’t interested: Rosemary’s Baby (Amazon Prime) – The two films are incredibly different but they do a great job of building suspense and ending on some truly memorable shots.

3. Genetically Modified Sharks Running Amok

Deep Blue Sea (Netflix) –  Deep Blue Sea is the Citizen Kane of genetically modified shark movies. If you’ve been following me for a while you know that I love writing about it and figuring out the logistics to all the deaths.

  • If you aren’t interested: Grabbers (Hulu – Shudder) – Drunk Irish Villagers battle aliens. Grabbers is really ridiculously fun.

4. A Whole Lot of Cannibalism

Raw (Netflix) – Raw is a fantastic little thing that features lots of blood, dark humor and tension. You kinda need to watch it.

  • If you aren’t interested: The Silence of the Lambs (Hulu) – These two films feel right together.

5. A killer who doesn’t have a lame backstory

Hush (Netflix) – Hush is a fantastic horror film that does a lot with little and Netflix should be stoked they are streaming it exclusively. I love the film because it plays very practically and features a nameless villain that doesn’t need a backstory or motives. Hush is smart, exciting, and wonderfully simple.

  • If you aren’t interested: It Follows (Netflix) – What I love about It Follows is how it is loaded with mystery, patience, and dread. It never stops and it keeps you in a constant state of alert because you don’t know where the following creature will pop up next. That is perfect for Halloween horror!

6. A Vampire mockumentary that is big on blood and humor.

What We Do in the Shadows (Amazon Prime) – “We are werewolves, not swearwolves.” You need to watch this film about cheeky vampires who deal with all sorts of cheeky problems.

  • If you aren’t interested: Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (Shudder)is a cheeky/violent mockumentary that focuses on a budding serial killer who lives in the same world as Freddy, Jason and leatherface.

7. John Goodman being Awesome 

10 Cloverfield Lane (Amazon Prime) – 10 Cloverfield Lane is a terrifying chamber thriller that features career-best performances from Mary Elizabeth Winstead and John Goodman. It manages to do a lot with little and proves horror films don’t need masked killers or insane violence to be tense. I really hope that John Goodman is nominated for an Academy Award because he is perfect in the movie.

  • If you aren’t interested: Honeymoon (Netflix) – The two films are different but I love how Honeymoon establishes dread and features bad things happening to likable people.

8. The Worst Band Gig Ever

Green Room (Amazon Prime) – Green Room proves that director Jeremy Saulnier (Blue Ruin) is an amazing director. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time and I love how Saulnier makes violence look so ugly and realistic. Nothing is glorified and you will find yourself incredibly nervous for the trapped punk band. Also, Patrick Stewart is awesome as the Neo-Nazi leader because he looks like your nice uncle but he would kill you without a thought. Please watch Green Room.

  • If you aren’t interested: Interior (Amazon Prime) – This $15,o00 dollar micro-budgeted horror film is a blast. Director Zach Beckler has made a tiny little thing that hits above its weight. Let the film build and embrace the jump scares.

9. A Patient Horror Film That Builds to Something Awesome

The Blackcoat’s Daughter (Amazon Prime) – The Blackcoat’s Daughter is a slow-burning horror film that builds to something pretty great. I feel like the entire film is based upon one line and as the film progresses it all begins to make sense. It is very simple and effective in its violence, plotting and shock value. In the end, I was pleasantly surprised at the mayhem that had just unfolded in front of me. First-time director/writer Oz Perkins should be applauded for creating a lot with little.

  • If you aren’t interested: The Devil’s Candy (Netflix) – The Devil’s Candy is a mean little thing that features a great performance from Ethan Embry.

10. A Lady Having a Very Bad Day 

Gerald’s Game (Netflix) – Director Mike Flannagan (Hush, Oculus) was finally allowed to make his dream project and he did not disappoint. This is a rare Stephen King adaptation that compliments the source material and Carla Gugino crushes it. I love this film.

  • If you aren’t interested: Tusk (Amazon Prime) – Tusk is weird, however, that is why I kinda love it. Kevin Smith really tried to make a solid horror film and he succeeded.

11. A Single Location Horror Film 

Pontypool (Netflix, Shudder) – I still can’t believe how much I loved this movie. It features four people, lots of talking and very effective creeps. It is inventive and fun.

  • If you aren’t interested: [Rec] (Shudder) – [Rec] is insane and also features creative almost single location zombie antics.

12. A Western Horror Film 

Bone Tomahawk (Amazon Prime) – Bone Tomahawk is a beautifully written horror western that plays with multiple genres while creating memorable characters. It takes its time getting to the violence and I applaud that decision. I understand why it has stayed on the fringes of the mainstream because it can’t be categorized and features lots of patience and extreme body mutilation.

  • If you aren’t interested: Carnage Park (Netflix) – Mickey Keating always brings the goods and this thriller is bonkers. I am a big fan of actor Pat Healy (Cheap Thrills, Starry Eyes, Small Crimes) and it is cool seeing him go so unhinged.

13. A Cheeky Modern Vampire Film

Fright Night (Shudder) – Fright Night jumpstarted the modern vampire craze and features some truly inspired acting and special effects.

  • If you aren’t interested: Let the Right One In (Shudder – Hulu) – Let the Right One In is the rare horror film that transcends the genre because every element of it is great. It is beloved by critics and horror hounds because it tells a heartbreaking story while featuring lots and lots of blood. You won’t find a better vampire movie out there because there aren’t any.

14. A Dinner Party Gone Awry

The Invitation (Netflix) – The Invitation tells the story of a dinner party gone awry. It is patient, chilling and features the best horror ending of 2016. Director Karyn Kusama does a great job building to an unforgettable climax that will make your head explode (not really). You need to watch The Invitation because it is unexpected, tense, chilling, and features some great beards.

  • If you aren’t interested: The Loved Ones (Hulu) – The Loved Ones is awesome and it kinda features a dinner party gone awry. It gets very bloody

15. Adam Scott Bonding With the Anti-Christ 

Little Evil (Netflix) – Little Evil is an endearing little thing that plays fast and loose with The Omen references. Director Eli Craig (Tucker & Dale vs. Evil)  is a horror comedy maestro who is somehow able to find heart amongst brutal death.

  • If you aren’t interested: Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (Shudder, Netflix) – T&D is horror comedy at its best and I love how it successfully subverts the genre while bringing the gore.

16. A Descent into Korean Madness

The Wailing (Netflix) – The Wailing is insane. It is a totally engrossing experience that puts you through the wringer and leaves you feeling tired and kinda gross.

  • If you aren’t interested: A Tale of Two Sisters (Shudder) – Embrace the Korean weirdness. You will love it.

Let me know if I missed anything!

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