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MFF Netflix/Amazon Streaming Recomendations: Where to Find the Best Horror of the 21st Century

August 16, 2015

Hello all. Mark here.

I recently wrote about the best horror films of the 21st century and wanted to let you know where you can find some of the movies on the lists.  I searched through Amazon Prime and Netflix (sorry Hulu) and found  the films that were ranked in or around the top 50. Hopefully this makes your life easier as you navigate the black hole that is searching through streaming services looking for something to watch.

tucker and dale react

We searched Netflix for two hours and this is what we picked! We should have looked at MFF’s list about 21st century horror!

The following top 20 ranked horror flicks on the audience/critic lists offer something for everyone. If you are in the mood for Korean serial killers, pesky ghosts, yuppie murderers or creatures in the mist you are in luck! 

Sidenote: The movies with the bold font have been reviewed by MFF. Probably the greatest reviews ever.

Let the Right One In (Netflix) – A beautiful tale about a vampire in Sweden.

The Host (Amazon, Netflix) – A perfect introduction to Korean horror. If you are into creature features you will love this movie.

Housebound (Netflix) – A New Zealand export that puts  a fun spin on the haunted house genre.

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (Netflix) – The first Iranian vampire western ever made.

Maniac (Netflix) – Elijah Wood wipes out unsuspecting women in this bonkers remake

Battle Royale (Netflix) – Japanese ninth graders kill the living crap out of each other.

Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (Netflix) – A fantastic revenge tale that could’ve only come from South Korea.

I Saw the Devil (Amazon, Netflix) – The most insane game of cat and mouse you will ever witness.

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (Netflix) – Two Rednecks deal with jerky college kids who are intent on killing themselves.

The Others (Netflix) – A Sixth Sense knockoff that is actually really good.

American Psycho (Netflix) – A yuppie kills a lot of people in the 80s.

The Babadook (Netflix) – A woman and her child endure some really weird and strikingly original Australian shenanigans.

The Mist (Amazon) – Mist comes in. People hold up in grocery store. It is is very bleak.

You’re Next (Amazon, Netflix) – A badass heroine wipes out dumb killers .

Devil’s Rejects (Netflix) – Rob Zombie will hurt your soul with this awesomely soul crushing road film.

The following horror treasures ranked in or around the top 50  are totally worth your while. 

Dead Snow (Netflix) – A guy named Red and his friends battle Nazi zombies.

Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead (Netflix) – A guy named Red battles Nazi zombies….again.

Honeymoon (Netflix) – A honeymooning couple go to a cabin in the woods. Nothing good happens.

House of the Devil (Netflix) – Never babysit in a creepy old home full of weird people.

Grabbers (Netflix) – Irish villagers need to stay drunk to avoid death via aliens.

Troll Hunter (Netflix, Amazon) – A Swedish man battle trolls in this found footage gem.

Creep (Netflix) – Man answers Craigslist ad. It all gets weird in a gloriously original way.

Snowtown Murders (Netflix) – This movie will crush you soul. Good job Australia.

The Guest (Netflix) – Imagine if Universal Soldier met Terminator.

Berberian Sound Studio (Netflix) – An audio technician loses his mind in Italy.

John Dies at the End (Amazon, Netflix) – This film defies explanation. That is a good thing

Under the Skin (Amazon) – Imagine if Species was directed by Gus Van Sant

Tusk (Amazon) – It didn’t do well in ranking but it features a man being turned into Walrus. That is worth something.

Ju-On (Amazon) – Japanese killer kid ghost story perfected

Spring (Amazon) Imagine if Before Sunset met Species.

Cheap Thrills (Amazon) – Two men have a very bad night. I love Cheap Thrills.

21st century horror films that you won’t find on “best of” lists. These are films that didn’t make the cut but are much beloved.

Devil (Netflix)

Jug Face (Netflix) 

Oculus (Netflix) 

The Taking of Deborah Logan (Netflix) 

The Pact (Netflix) 

Teeth (Netflix)

The Canal (Netflix) 

The Houses October Built (Netflix) 

American Mary (Netflix) 

Pontypool (Netflix) 

Black Death (Netflix)

Grave Encounters (Amazon)

The Woman in Black (Amazon)

The Battery (Amazon)

V/H/S (Amazon)

The Signal (Amazon)



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