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The MFF Podcast #35: Who did Satan Best?

November 13, 2015


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We hope you enjoyed our previous episode: Creating the Ultimate RomComDram.

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SUMMARY:  This week the MFF crew discusses who played the sexiest, lecherous, smoothest, monstrous, bitter and weirdest iterations of the greatest evil of them all: the Devil.  We also go on some tangents about if Dutch from Predator could handle Aliens with as much style as Ripley, some obscure Kurt Russell references, and the crappy movies that bring us joy.


We also answer such important questions as…

“Could Arnold’s crew from Predator defeat the Aliens xenomorphs?”
“Did the Witches of Eastwick treat Daryl Van Horne fairly?”
“Was Tim Curry’s ‘Darkness’ in Legend really just a low level Dungeons & Dragons bad guy?”
“What movies do you know are complete crap, but still like anyway?”
“What is the most diabolical use of a pineapple in Hell?”


 This podcast was based on the article: Who did Satan best? The 12 coolest, smoothest and creepiest Devils of film.

You can listen to the pod on Blog Talk Radio
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