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We Write Good Stuff: The Best of 2015

December 30, 2015

Hello all. Mark here.

We are five years in at Movies, Films and Flix and 2015 was a banner year for us. We loaded up the site with a collection of random posts that blew up across the internet and proved that John Travolta makes very weird cigarette smoking choices. We write about what we love and treasure the mass quantities of nerd energy (Thanks AV Club) that go into each post. In an effort to give a gold star to ourselves I have compiled my favorite 2015 MFF posts to share with the world (and drum up more views).

The following covers my favorite posts of 2015.

  1. The MFF podcast has arrived!

We are currently 41 episodes in and going strong! Here are five I recommend.

  1. Building the perfect horror film.

2. Creep and Spring. Talking about new wave horror.

3. The MFF Random Awards

4. The Best Fights of Film

5. The Best 60 Seconds or Less Movie Characters

We hope you listen to and enjoy the pods! If you have any random cinematic questions we will be happy to answer them!



2The best 21st century horror films that don’t appear on “best of” lists. 

Shock Till You Drop called this list “Mensa approved” and it was a lot of fun to put together. I scoured the internet for 21st century horror films that don’t get enough love and we got 5,300 votes to crown Insidious the winner. Read it! Discover some new horror.




3What are the best 21st century horror films?

I collected 250+ 21st century horror films and compiled the audience/critic data from Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb and Metacritic. The following post examines what are the best critical/audience favorite horror films of the 21st century! A big thanks to the AV Club for sharing it!

Monster Pans Labyrinth



4. The internet voted and Cabin in the Woods is the best horror film of the 21st century.

We had over 3,500 votes from passionate horror fans and we found out that people love Cabin in the Woods. The internet exploded (sort of, not really).



5. The MFF random awards

I love handing out random awards. The world is full of arbitrary prizes handed out by a committee that follow the popular trends. Why not honor the random and odd? These lists do! Check out the random awards for 2015 spy films too!

Jason Statham Spy mustache


6The 25 best performances of this decade (so far). 

I have an eclectic taste and this list features an fun grouping of fantastic performances. What performances have you loved?


Take Shelter Michael Shannon


7. 1995 Week: A collection of all things 1995.

If you are into anything involving 1995 you will love this collection of posts about Clueless, Goldeneye, and Empire Records. Check out the index.



8. Horror film bonanza

2014-2015 has been loaded with some fantastic boutique horror films. We here at MFF have written about them a lot.

11 horror hybrids you need to watch.

The best transformations of film. NSFW.

The Best horror films of 2015! 

Trailer Talk: Krampus (listen to the pod)

Horror films for every type of person. (listen to the pod)

Wolfcop beer


9Almost everything you need to know about horror films

If you ever wondered what are the statistically best horror franchises, sequels and remakes you are in luck! This post was overly researched and I loved putting it together.



10John Travolta and his villainous smoking

John Travolta has an interesting style of villainous smoking.  Check out the evolution of his weird habit.

Travolta smoking broken arrow gym


11An oral history of the fake film Squid Lake

I wrote a totally fictional oral history for a film called Squid Lake. Then, I teamed up with the Sharkdropper crew and we recorded the weirdest podcast ever.

squid lake


12. The rise of the weird lists 

Here are some weird lists you might like. We here at MFF embrace the different and these lists are proof!

The Best Cinematic Devils (listen to the pod as well!).

The Best Usage of Staples/Staplers.

The Best Horror Pictures of the Last 15 Years (listen to the pod).

11 trees I don’t want in my front yard (listen to the pod).

The Best loss of an arm or limb.

Five reasons why Home Alone’s Marv and Harry are smarter than you’d think.

The best cinematic rock throwing.

Milton Office Space red swingline stapler




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