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The MFF Podcast #37: Cinematic Trees I Wouldn’t Want in My Front Yard

November 27, 2015

Great news! Blog Talk Radio, Sharkdropper and MFF have teamed up to form the perfect movie podcast. Now, you can stream the pods on the BTR website or download from Itunes.

I recently watched a screening of The Last Witch Hunter and it got me thinking about dangerous trees. In the film there is a “plague tree” that is home to the witch queen and it is probably the worst thing ever. The tree exists so that plague flies can grow in it until they are ready to wipe out everybody. In honor of that jerky tree I compiled a list of trees that I would not want in my front yard. Some of these trees are not evil or jerky. However, the occurrences around them would spell disaster for homeowners and would leave us as frustrated and confused as the people in The Happening. 

In honor of the post we are talking cinematic trees we don’t want in our front yard!  Whether it be a Whomping Willow or that terrible tree in Evil Dead you don’t want these things anywhere near your house.

Tree witch hunter

You do not want a plague tree on your property.

In this pod you will be you will transported to a world of jerky trees that elevated their roles by wrecking property and absorbing babies.

Sit back, relax and enjoy another random movie podcast from MFF. Check out the MFF pod on Blog Talk Radio or head over to Itunes and listen to the randomness!

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