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The MFF Podcast #36: The Best 60 Seconds or Less Movie Characters

November 21, 2015



Great news! Blog Talk Radio, Sharkdropper and MFF have teamed up to form the perfect movie podcast. Now, you can stream the pods on the BTR website or download from Itunes.

This weeks episode covers the best 60 seconds or less movie characters.  The one thing that all great movies have in common is that they are loaded with memorable characters who don’t need a lot of screen time to be remembered. Whether it be an old guy with a very loud stamp or Bill Murray in a tree you gotta love these people.

Rancor Trainer Return of the Jedi

This guy loved his Rancor and cried for the fallen beast. He did a lot with a little.

In this pod you will be you will transported to a world of memorable bit players that elevated their roles by eating candy bars or attempting to punch Laura Linney.

Sit back, relax and enjoy another random movie podcast from MFF. Check out the MFF pod on Blog Talk Radio or head over to Itunes and listen to the randomness!

If you get a chance please REVIEW, RATE and SHARE the pod!

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