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Everybody Wants Some!!: Richard Linklater Hits Another Home Run

April 6, 2016

EWS poster

Everybody Wants Some!! is a fantastic film that in a perfect world will make more money than Deadpool and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice combined. The film takes place in 1980, and tells the story of a team of baseball players hanging out before the fall semester starts at their Texas college. It is the rare movie that builds three-dimensional characters while being rowdy, intelligent and funny. You will laugh constantly and enjoy the three days we get to spend with the baseball players.

Between Bernie, School of Rock, Waking Life, Boyhood, Slacker, Dazed and Confused and the Before Trilogy, Linklater has proven himself to be a national treasure. His films are full of great dialogue, interesting worlds and realistic characters. Linklater knows how to balance character with story, and I love how he avoids “plot” at all costs.

Everybody Wants Some!! initially appears aimless and plot free. However, much like Dazed and Confused it stays patient and creates a world loaded with cool stories and memorable moments. It takes a lot of confidence to direct in this non-traditional style and Linklater excels at it.

walking everybody wants some

Richard Linklater utilizes walking perfectly. Walking can lead to some great places.

I’ve read some articles that focus on the “bros” of Everybody Wants Some!!. The reviews focus solely on past experiences and reasons for hating the movie. The reviews have called the characters “bullies” and have completely missed the point of the film. They don’t understand that Linklater is using a baseball team to speak universally about different characters that inhabit our daily life.

Everybody wants some cast


What I love about Everybody Wants Some!! is how it takes a team of baseball players and turns them into fully-formed characters. Each of the players have their own stories, and I love how they are always competing and hanging out. Their adventures take them all over the town and prove that everybody can get along. If you can put aside your preconceived notions, I guarantee you will love Everybody Wants Some!!

Richard Linklater has a knack for casting perfectly and you can tell time was spent rounding up the perfect crew. Everybody Wants Some!! is a true ensemble piece, and the actors do a great job hitting home runs whenever they are asked to deliver. Glen Powell’s (Scream Queens, Expendables 3) character Finnegan steals the show. Powell delivers Linklater’s lines perfectly and his character is the kind of guy who would fit in anywhere. The dude has a great mustache, and I think he will be the breakout star of this film.

Glen Powell


In the midst of the all partying and drinking there is neat romance. I was amazed how organically it fit in the story. The credit goes to Linklater’s writing and Zoey Deutch’s (Vampire Academy) performance. Deutch got some big laughs at the screening I was at, and I was really happy to see that her character wasn’t shoehorned in to add a female presence. her character Beverly feels like she belongs, and you totally understand why people would like her.

Her encounters with Blake Jenner’s character Jake are a nice break from the binge drinking. The two form a neat bond that focuses on them being genuinely nice people. I really enjoyed their quiet moments together, and was 100% shipping (yeah, I said it) their relationship.

Everybody wants some


Everybody Wants Some!! is bound to become a cult classic and I hope the general populace embraces it. What did you think about it? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. April 6, 2016 6:34 pm

    It’s everything you’d expect from Linklater, which is especially good if you’re already a fan of him. Nice review.

  2. April 27, 2016 4:04 pm

    Not a fan of the movie (hated it, actually), but really enjoyed reading your review!


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