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The Do-Over: Exactly What You’d Expect From a 2016 Adam Sandler Movie

June 17, 2016

The Do-Over movie poster


The Do-Over is everything you’d expect from 2016 Adam Sandler. It is rife with product placement, celebrity cameos and more product placement. It is overly long and features a plot that is so loose you’d be hard pressed to explain exactly what occurs. You can’t watch a Sandler Netflix movie with critical eyes because Sandler movies don’t really care about critical reception. Basically, you need to rate it in accordance to other Sandler films. Thus, The Do-Over is a solid B+ Adam Sandler movie.

I’ve been an Adam Sandler apologist for a long-time because Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore hit big when I was 14. The movies were crazy dumb but Sandler’s man-child shenanigans appealed to me as a teenager and I’ve watched the rest of his films with a sense of nostalgia and duty. He had a massive 15-year run that saw his movies continuously cross the $100 million mark despite a lack of critical praise (he knows his audience). I’ve watched him be amazing in Punch Drunk Love and play twin sisters in the terrible Jack & Jill. I didn’t hate his Netflix release The Ridiculous 6 and I found the laziness of Grown Ups to be sorta relaxing. Also, I will argue to anybody that You Don’t Mess With the Zohan is actually pretty good.


The Do-Over is the second release of Sandler’s four-picture Netflix deal. The Ridiculous 6 broke all of Netflix’s records and I’m guessing The Do-Over will do really well. Why? Sandler fans will watch anything he does and Sandler detractors will gladly hate-watch. Thus, the movie will receive a ton of buzz and more people will watch it because they feel like they have too. In the end, the majority of the buzz will be negative but the Sandler train will keep rolling. The only thing I ask is that Sandler gives John Turturro another plum cameo.


The Do-Over focuses on Adam Sandler and David Spade reuniting at their high school’s 20th reunion. Sandler has become an international man of mystery while Spade is the manager of a bank located inside a supermarket. The two bond over drinks and Sandler fakes their deaths so they can start anew in a tropical paradise (and drink lots of Corona). They live the high life on somebody else’s dime until they are pursued by German killers and the IRS. Along the way they pick up Paula Patton, continuously hit Nick Swardson with cars, and deal with Luis Guzman’s ball sweat (yeah…that happens).

The Do-Over is not a good movie. However, it is a perfectly suitable Sandler movie. There are a few laughs and it is always nice seeing Sean Astin rocking a mustache. It makes an attempt to bring in some heart and I appreciate that David Spade plays the straight man next to Sandler. I might sound crazy here but I think Sandler could make for a solid action hero in a proper action film.



If you are a Sandler fan you will like The Do-Over, if you are a Sandler detractor it will give you plenty of ammunition to pithily complain about it on the internet. I will leave you with more John Turturro.


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