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MFF Randomness Special: Sleeveless Shirts and Strategic Knife Throwing

July 8, 2016

Big trouble

It all started with an observation about Kurt Russell’s sleeveless shirts. I cheekily wrote a post about the sleeveless one and it ballooned into a whole lot of Kurt Russell randomness. The randomness has lead me to ponder the benefits of sleeveless knife throwing. This post is by no means scientific or logical, but I feel like I found enough evidence to make people consider the benefits of undeterred knife throwing.

I’m sure you could make an argument for sleeve wearers Bill the Butcher (Gangs of New York) or Lee Christmas (The Expendables),  but I don’t think they could save the world if it came down to it.

Here are the best examples I could find for sleeveless shirt knife throwing. If you like this post make sure to read my piece about the best rock throwing of all time.

Jack Burton saves the day in Big Trouble in Little China

Jack Burton has great reflexes and sleeves would only get in his way.


Sleeves are a hindrance in Prince of Persia 2: Sands of Time

The guy with no sleeves defeats the guy with sleeves. This furthers my point.


Elektra don’t need no sleeves in Daredevil

I don’t know who hung up these sand bags. However, I know Elektra was free to twirl her arms anywhere without the hindrance of sleeves. I know she is using isn’t using knives, but I’d wager a knife/sai swap wouldn’t be out of the picture.


Arnold does better without sleeves

In Predator, Arnold is only able to kill one guy whilst wearing sleeves and throwing a knife. In Commando he can kill two at a time while having free arms. Thus, no sleeves is better.


Danny Trejo destroys folks in Desperado

Desperado features the best knife throwing of all time. Danny Trejo was able to wipe out countless people without sleeves. Nobody else could ever do this.


Trinity has zero sleeves

Trinity puts a hurting on people in The Matrix. Her sleeveless stylings definitely helped.

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